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The 3-Step Process To Make Switching Bags Effortless

Nothing holds a woman’s secrets like the depths of her handbag. On the outside, your bag is picture-perfect, but the insides might be filled with hidden and forgotten “treasures” — coins, lipsticks, and month-old receipts. In fact, you’ve probably resigned yourself to using the same old bag for every outfit, simply because the idea of transferring everything out seems like a huge hassle. If this sounds like you, it’s time to organise your bag!

Jaime, founder of Paper Bunny, shared her tips with us on how to make switching bags less daunting. As a busy entrepreneur, she’s constantly on-the-go, even more so on weekends, but she doesn’t let that limit her outfit choices.  “On weekdays, my work bag is usually the same, but on weekends, I switch between bags all the time!”

switching bags

With a little help from Jaime, here is a simple a 3-step process to organise your bags, and make switching bags effortless!

Step 1: Identify your must-haves

switching bags

Less is more. You don’t need three lipsticks for a day out, nor 2 sets of sunglasses. Bring only what you need and you’ll find yourself having a lighter and more organised bag. 

With less items, it takes less time to transfer your contents from one bag to another! Just a minute or two, tops!

Step 2: Sort and compartmentalise

Switching between bags is easy. Once I put my on-the-go essentials into pouches, I just need to move them when I need to change bags!” – Jaime

switching bags

Felt purse organiser inserts are great, but they aren’t one-size-fits-all. Instead, categorise your must-have items in pouches instead. By keeping things of the same category together, it helps keep your items systematic and saves the need for reorganising when you transfer them from one bag to the other. This makes switching bags all the more easier and time-saving. 

Based on your must-haves in Step 1, you might need:

  • A makeup pouch — strictly for products to touch up, no need for an entire eyeshadow palette. 
  • A miscellany pouch for tissues, mints and perhaps a toothpick. 

Pro-tip: Opt for transparent pouches — they help save time from digging through to find what you need. 

Step 3: Purge and declutter regularly

We all have that bag with a pile of crumpled receipts lurking underneath our items. Try to purge your bag of receipts, loose tissues, and coins once every week. To prevent receipt pile-ups, always opt for a no-receipt option when making payments

Pro-tip: If absolutely necessary, only keep receipts that are important — for warranty or claims. Better yet, snap a picture of it and toss them away. 

switching bags

Once you’ve organised your items with this 3-step process, switching between your bags shouldn’t be time-consuming at all. In fact, you’ll be able to swap your items into a different bag in less than a minute. 

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