Out with the new, in with the old

Travel more. Eat healthy. Get organized. Whatever our New Year’s resolution may be, we all know that the real challenge is making sure we stick to it. Because as soon as the year shifts to high gear, our resolutions get trampled by the hustle and bustle of everyday life, reduced to a mere footnote on our planner, eclipsed by more urgent concerns that compete for our time and attention.

Reward yourself  

The key to making our resolutions happen, experts say, is to set up goals that are easily attainable and highly rewarding. Check out your year’s must-do list and you will notice that the most rewarding resolution you could make is to save more money. It may not be as sexy as your other resolutions – like fitting into your old jeans. But, learning to be frugal is one helpful habit your future self will thank you for. Who knows, by sticking to your saving goals, you might just unlock your other goals as well, be it traveling the world or buying a new car or moving into your own place. More importantly, you attain the priceless prize of peace of mind. For when unforeseen emergencies occur, you can dip into your ready cash without any worry of going into debt and losing sleep over it.

Eyes on the prize  

In a world reeling from inflation, however, saving money might seem daunting at first. But like any goal you want to achieve, small, consistent steps will get you there. And it all begins with spending wisely. This means being mindful where you spend your hard-earned cash. To do this, you need to track your spending. Keep a record of your monthly expenditures to find out where your money goes. Second, once you’ve identified your expenses, find out which ones you could cut back or cut off completely. And finally, set a goal for your savings. That way, your left-over income after paying the bills has a dedicated purpose; no whim or fancy should touch the money you set aside.

Smart is the new cool  

If you think these measures might stifle your lifestyle, fear not. For while cutting back on shopping for clothes seems to be the most obvious way to save money (goodbye, designer duds?), remember that one can be frugal with fashion but never be stingy on style. The answer: clothing rental! Instead of buying clothes that you end up wearing only once or twice or for a season at most, now you can rent these for a fraction of the price of a brand-new piece. That’s a ton of money saved! When you start renting, you’ll put a stop to the wear-only-once culture and cut down our fashion landfill. You’ll also cut down the demand to produce new clothes while also helping to put an end to fashion overproduction. You’ll also get to maximise the lifecycle of each fashion item you rent! Don’t let inflation stops you to be fashionable by choosing to rent. No more budget dilemmas and say goodbye to adding clutter into your life! Jumpstart your renting journey and enjoy our new arrivals to keep your fashion on trend.

Life goals unlocked  

When the next fashion trend hits or when you feel the urge to shop for designer fashion, don’t be too eager to part with your hard-earned cash just yet. Consider renting or buying pre-loved items first. Small steps like these could take you closer (and faster!) to achieving your year’s saving goals. Make it a habit and your fashion style might just be the key to helping you attain your other life goals as well. Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Sandra from Spoo-Design
    March 2, 2023 at 10:56 pm

    Yes! Usually my mind says not to throw away things too early, when they are still good. Not only for the money, but there are also the “ethic” concerns. The moment I throw it away – it becomes garbage, and of that the world really has more than enough (not everything can be passed to someone else).

    But we are also spirituell beings with energies around us. It feels freeing to get rid of things that just do not belong to our actual state of mind any more.

    But “clothing rental”? Who will wear it after I am through with it? No, I do not believe that.


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