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6 Sure-Win Poses to Look Good in Photos


We’ve all been there: On good days, you hit the sweet spot of looking pulled together and feeling your best in those Style Theory pieces, yet you don’t know how to show it off with the perfect OOTD. Not all of us were born runway-ready, but that doesn’t mean we all can’t have amazing photos looking like it’s straight out of a fashion magazine. Figuring out just how to do poses can feel awkward and intimidating. To help ease your pressure of not knowing what to do while taking your photos, we’ve compiled 6 tried and tested staged poses inspired by the Women of Style Theory:

1. The straight-on style veteran

As we quote our style-savvy maven, @meowiiee: “Just be confident. If you want the shot, you gotta just shut up and be in front of the camera right?” And we can’t agree more. Simply lean more weight to one side, keep your arms hanging down and look straight into the camera with confidence. 

Pro-tip: Don’t say cheese, flaunt your RBF (that’s resting b***h face) to instantly exude that cool factor.


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2. When in doubt, hold something in your hand

Our hands always seem awkward when we can’t find somewhere to place them. Try grabbing the nearest object possible to you, and make them your prized possessions. Who knew holding a snack could be fashion too?


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3. A pocketful of sunshine

Pockets are the best friends you never knew you needed. Both hands in or just one? Either way, it’s the most foolproof way to let your confidence shine. 

Pro-tip: Don’t stuff your hands all the way into the pockets to avoid distorting the shape of your clothes.


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4. The hair adjustment

Meet the oldest trick in the book: “Don’t mind me, I’m just trying to get my hair in place.” Pretending you’re fixing your hair will give your hands something seemingly the most natural thing to do. Even just tucking your hair behind your ear helps!


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5. What’s over there?

Not looking at the camera will 10/10 make you feel more comfortable and natural right off the bat. Well, we’ve also got good news for the camera-shy girls: You don’t always need to expose your face to have a cool OOTD photo.


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6. Kick it up a notch 

One of the key tricks to looking good in photos is to make yourself look taller. Stand on your tiptoes or stick a leg out when taking your full-body picture for supermodel-long legs! Pro-tip: Try bringing the camera lower between your midsection and chin to prevent the illusion of stumpy-looking legs.


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Last but not least, take a ton of photos. Have your photographer hold down the shutter button while you strike a range of poses. This will give you a nice variety of photos and poses to choose from. (Side note: This is great if your photographer is actually just your impatient BF!) 

Now that you’re armed with these failproof poses that give you more control over the composition of your photos, learn more about other photo-taking tips to nail that vogue-worthy OOTD. Most importantly, have fun and don’t forget to tag us at @styletheorysg in your best Style Theory moment!



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