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Styling The Bump: Julin

The Styling The Bump series encourages new moms-to-be to embrace their bump with styles that flatter the bump, without spending on maternity wear that they end up stashing away after pregnancy. By renting, we want to promote a more sustainable lifestyle that’s also financially sustainable! We met with a bubbly mom-to-be who’s enjoying her pregnancy journey while looking stylish.

Meet Julin:

From the Infinite Wardrobe: SIENNA SLIP DRESS by Leota

Hi Julin! Thank you for taking the time to have a chat with us! How has your pregnancy experience been so far? 

It has been great! I never thought I would enjoy pregnancy so much. It’s just amazing being able to feel the little one inside me. I’m really lucky to have a pregnancy that’s been so far so good.

How has your daily routine changed since becoming pregnant?

I needed more rest than usual, but apart from that, my work timings are very flexible so nothing has really changed, thankfully!

What’s a piece of advice you got that’s really helping you with your pregnancy?

Listen to your body and adapt to the changes that are taking place – be it physically or mentally. Be positive and embrace this journey.

What are you most excited about motherhood?

Definitely being hands-on and learning how to take care of my little one! 

From the Infinite Wardrobe: SLIP DRESS DOODLE PRINT by Wray

What are some of the challenges you face when dressing your bump? 

Oh, I’m really fortunate because according to my gynaecologist, my baby is petite and my bump isn’t extraordinarily big. I could still fit in some old clothes! Now, I wear mostly dresses, even on casual days. They’re the most comfortable, and a reason for me to look good everyday! 

At which point of your pregnancy did you start embracing the bump with Style Theory?  

Around my 18th week. 

What do you look for when renting?

Dresses are my go-to, and I usually rent pieces for work and weekends. But most of the outfits I’ve rented are fit for any occasion! 

From the Infinite Wardrobe: SLIP DRESS DOODLE PRINT by Wray

You’ve been a subscriber since August. What do you love most about Style Theory’s service?

The convenience, efficiency, and wide variety. I think Style Theory has pretty much got me covered for most occasions!

Is there anything Style Theory can do better in?

The only downside for me is the limited availability of sizes. I noticed that it was difficult to grab a hold of my own size (XS/S) for the more versatile styles. 

From the Infinite Wardrobe: MARYBELL EMBROIDERED DRESS by Foxiedox

Last but not least, do you have any tips for other moms-to-be?

Listen to any advice given and take it as a point to note, even if it sounds like an old wives’ tale. I mean, it’s better to be safe than sorry right?

Thanks Julin! 

Rent bump-friendly styles from the Infinite Wardrobe and spend less on clothes that you’ll only wear a few times!

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