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Styling The Bump: Dorothy Tan

The Styling The Bump series encourages new moms-to-be to embrace their bump with styles that flatter the bump, without spending on maternity wear that they end up stashing away after pregnancy. By renting, we want to promote a more sustainable lifestyle that’s also financially sustainable! We met with a kind-hearted medical social worker who is going through her first pregnancy and very excited to be a mom. 

Meet Dorothy:

Hi Dorothy! Thank you for taking the time to have a chat with us! You are now in your third trimester, how has your pregnancy experience been so far?

It has not been the easiest because of the physical changes and concerns about future changes, but the anticipation for the newborn makes it more bearable.

Could you share with us how your daily routine changed since becoming pregnant?

I now live a lifestyle knowing that whatever I do will impact the unborn child in a way or another. A lot of things I do, such as the food I eat, my movements, the thoughts I think and the words I speak now have to be centred around what would benefit the child’s growth. I try to eat healthily, try to think and speak more positively, ensure I don’t stress my body too much, and rest more whenever possible.

When you first shared this good news, what were the advice given to you by others?

Rest more, do not carry heavy things, eat more, and pray for the child. Bear with the challenges because it will be worth it.

What was a piece of advice you got that has really been helping you with your pregnancy?

To pray especially when in doubt/fear, and bear with challenges because it will all be worth it.

What are you most excited about motherhood?

Being able to invest and build a life together with my loved ones and to witness it flourishing.

What are some of the challenges you face when dressing the bump?

A challenge that I face is that nothing fits well.

At which point of your pregnancy did you start flaunting the bump with Style Theory’s Infinite Wardrobe?

When my friend introduced Style Theory to me, I was in my 2nd to 3rd trimester, which was the period where all my clothes did not fit me anymore. Since then, I did not have to go through the hassle to shop for more maternity clothes, especially for work.

Renting your bump-friendly outfits instead of buying can be seen as a sustainable choice. Share with us how sustainability is important to you?

I guess it might be especially if you do not intend to reuse it at any time soon; perhaps renting is a more affordable and practical option, considering the high pricing maternity clothes in the market with limited variations. Sustainability is always important if I am considering something for a long term plan, whether this is something that can be continued even after this phase has ended.

Is sustainability something you plan on incorporating into other aspects of your life? How are you planning to keep a sustainable lifestyle?

In a way or another, yes. I think it generally points back to whether I would be able to obtain and maintain the resources required to sustain a particular lifestyle. For example, will I still be able to commit to the monthly subscription for clothes / health foods that I hope to keep? If I don’t, then other parts of my lifestyle has to be altered for this to happen.

What is important for you when it comes to renting?

Availability, variety, and convenience, for example, how fast it takes to arrive and whether washing is required. I would love to see more styles and variety!

Do you rent more for work, weekend, events or travel?

Mainly work.

You’ve been a subscriber since August. What are your top 3 hits about Style Theory service?

I love that the process is both convenient and easy to understand, and of course, the friendly staff!

What would you want to see more from Style Theory?

More bump-friendly clothes, please!

Last but not least, do you have any tips for other moms-to-be?

Be confident of how you look and pick out something that makes you feel good regardless of how the product is like! And, believe in yourself that you are already a good mother, considering the beautiful thoughts and the love you have for your child, even before they are born. You are already amazing! 

Rent bump-friendly styles from the Infinite Wardrobe and spend less on clothes that you’ll only wear a few times!

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