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The Style Theory Store Survival Guide

Update: We’ve closed the doors of our Style Theory Flagship Store!
If you’d like to collect or pick up your boxes in person, read our Delivery Turnaround Cheatsheet for our most updated details. 


We’re proud to announce that our very first Style Theory flagship store is open! For many of our subscribers and non-subscribers alike, the opening of our flagship store creates the perfect opportunity to see and try our collection in person, and rent them on the spot. Before you embark on your first physical experience with Style Theory, we’re arming you with some tips in our Survival Guide.

Before Heading to the Store:

#1. Wear a Fitting-friendly Outfit 

Before heading to the store, you should always go with the idea of trying on clothes! So, make sure the outfit you wear is comfortable and easy to change in and out of. Avoid wearing one pieces, layered pieces and belted items. Instead try:

  • Button down shirts – you don’t want to ruin your hair and makeup pulling your top on and off! 
  • Flare Pants – Jeans are comfy but they’re hard to get out of. 
  • Shorts

These pieces are easy to change out of and help to ease your process of trying on clothes. Wearing a two-piece is great because you’re able to try on tops without having to find another set of bottoms to go with it. 

#2. The Right Bra

It’s always a struggle when you wear the wrong one and only realise it when you’re in the fitting room. So before heading by the store, always make sure you have the right bra on. We would recommend a nude strapless bra for trying on dress or if you’re comfortable, a stick-on bra or nipple pasties would do the trick!

#3. Wear Easy-off Shoes

Many may think that shoes play the least important role when walking around in a store or shopping street. But they’re so important — comfort and ease of removing are factors to consider. Wearing slip ons, slides or mules are both comfortable and easy! Avoid wearing shoes with laces. You don’t want to make it difficult trying clothes when you have to keep going through the process of removing your sneakers! 

#4. Download The Style Theory Application

This applies mostly to non-subscribers! If you are not an existing subscriber, it’ll help make the experience at the store better if you have the application ready before reaching the store. We recommend browsing our full collection while you’re at home, and wish-listing your favourites first. That way, you’ll walk into our store knowing the kind of styles that you want to try! 

The application is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

At The Store:

#5. Ask Questions

We know it can be confusing and sometimes frustrating when we don’t know how things work. It can be a little confusing when roaming around the store, because unlike regular stores, we don’t sell, we rent! So don’t be afraid to ask our friendly staff questions about our pieces, or how our rental process works. Our store staff are there to help you resolve any burning questions or guide you in the process of trying on items you plan to rent! 

#6. In-house Styling Sessions

If you’re not yet a subscriber but keen to try Style Theory’s rental subscription service you can book a styling session to better understand what style would fit you. We get it, sometimes not knowing what style fits you deter you from choosing to rent. 

A styling session with our professional in-house personal stylists will guide you to understand your style and from there you’re able to rent with more ease! During the session, the stylist will recommend you pieces, styles and share tips on how to dress better for your body type. You’ll even get to try the different outfits and rent on the spot should you choose to subscribe. 

Not yet a subscriber? Book a styling session now! 

There you have it — a short guide on what to prepare before heading to our store. Don’t forget to bring a friend with you!

You can find us at:

Style Theory Store
313@Somerset #02-40/41

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