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Experience Fashion Freedom at our Style Theory Store

Update: We’ve closed the doors of our Style Theory Flagship Store!
If you’d like to collect or pick up your boxes in person, read our Delivery Turnaround Cheatsheet for our most updated details. 

Our very first Style Theory Flagship Store is finally open! The Style Theory Store lets you get up close and personal with your favourite designer brands, and merges both online and offline features for our subscribers to experience. 

At Style Theory, we are committed to making sustainable living more accessible by bringing the fashion rental experience to life in a physical space. In our new space, you’ll get to see, touch, try and immediately rent products – including casual everyday pieces, formal business outfits or occasion and weekend wear, as well as classic, trendy, and seasonal bags. Wonder what else we have in store for you? 

Apparel Subscribers:

If you have ever felt that renting apparel was a hassle because you couldn’t find your fit, the Style Theory Store will be a game-changer. With Style Theory’s complimentary 60-minute in-house styling sessions, you’ll benefit from two takeaways:

  • Get professional advice and recommendations from our styling experts based on your body shape and style.
  • Get to ty on different styles of clothes you’ve been eyeing before renting them!

The store’s Rent, Wear, and Swap zones give you the full Style Theory experience – try on clothes at the Wear zone, rent them by adding it to your box, and come back to swap your boxes when you’re done! With these features, you’ll be able to maximise your rental journey with us! Renting apparel with Style Theory has never been easier!

Bag Subscribers:

Now with the Style Theory Store, you can head on down to browse through over 30 designer bags in person. Try them, feel them and get to rent them on-the-spot!

Editor’s Tip: If you’re not yet a subscriber, here’s a special perk for you. See a designer bag you love? Rent it on-the-spot to skip our subscription waitlist! 

Our store also acts as a collection/drop off point for both our apparel and bags subscribers. Get cosy on our comfy couches or browse around our store while waiting for your box collection at the swap zone!

Check out how to maximise your rental subscription by reducing your turnaround time.

Bags Consignment:

Have a designer bag you’d like to consign? We know quick responses are important to our consignors. At the Style Theory Store, our friendly store assistants will get your burning questions answered about our fuss-free consignment process! 

What else is at the Style Theory Store?

  • Before heading off, enter our Infinite Wardrobe installation designed in collaboration with Laura Francois, a prominent social impact strategist and sustainability advocate. The three metres tall installation, created entirely with retired clothing from Style Theory, represents a future where the dream of having an infinite wardrobe turns into reality through sharing clothing that are made to last. 
  • Check out our community wall with our beloved #WomenofStyleTheory and their styles! You might even get inspiration for your next piece. 
  • We love spending quality time with our community! The Style Theory Store doubles up as a great venue to hold some of our popular community events.  So if you’re an existing subscriber or if you’re interested in joining our #WomenofStyleTheory community — sign up for our upcoming community events
  • Besides exciting community events, you’ll be able to purchase Style Theory subscription gift cards at the store. Surprise your loved ones by getting them a gift card for any special occasion!

Ready to head down to our Style Theory Store for the full experience? Read our handy Store Survival Guide for more tips!

Visit us at:

Style Theory Store

313@Somerset #02-40/41



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