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Style Theory: Recycle and rent designer outfits for every occasion

style theory wardrobe

Delegate: Rummaging through your closet for that dinner commitment tonight, trying to find a suitable outfit that you have not worn in front of the same group of people again? We have all been there. On average, people only regularly wear around 30 percent of their wardrobe, the rest of the closet are just piles of clothing that have been worn once, doesn’t fit well, doesn’t look good with other pieces you own, or feels uncomfortable.

The founders behind Style Theory were motivated by this dilemma faced by almost every woman and they have now provided a savvy solution for fashion-conscious urbanites in Singapore and Jakarta. By paying a monthly subscription fee, Style Theory customers get to choose from over 15,000 designer pieces and order any pieces for an infinite number of times every month. This essentially means that you could go to work every week with new sets of outfits while keeping your closet uncluttered.

How does it work?

Designer clothes are great. But we all know that any outfit can start looking dull after a few wears, and not everyone can afford to buy new designer wear every month and allow the “outdated” ones to pile up. So now instead of purchasing them, Style Theory gives you the option to rent any three pieces from their stellar inventory of clothing for as long as you want. Swap them out for another three when you want a fresh, new look. You can do this however many times you want within that month. Delivery and laundry are also completely covered. As a subscriber, all you have to do is to order the clothes you like from the Style Theory app, wear them, and send them back.

Why would I want that?

If the idea of shopping without the commitment (to take care of your clothings for the rest of your life) doesn’t appeal to you, here are a few reasons why subscribing to a subscription clothing service like Style Theory can be useful:

  1. Catered to the multitude of occasions and events urbanites face in today’s world. Whether you need an elegant dinner gown or a new lineup of workwear, every occasion calls for a different outfit, and you can do so with Style Theory’s Infinite Wardrobe.
  2. The rate of turnover in fashion is higher than ever, calling for an equally rapid turnover of your wardrobe. We all know that keeping up with the latest in style is neither economical nor sustainable and Style Theory allows you to respond to a rapidly changing fashion scene without blowing out your wallet. Why buy when you can rent designer pieces for just a fraction of the cost?
  3. Declutter. We all know the feeling of irritation when your wardrobe is overstuffed with things you no longer wear but just can’t throw away. Now you can maintain the perks of having a more minimal wardrobe while still enjoying the variety and access to Style Theory’s Infinite Wardrobe.
  4. Do your part to alleviate the environmental impact that fast fashion and the proliferation of cheap, poor-quality clothing have on today’s world. With Style Theory, you stay fashionable and guilt-free.

style theory wardrobe

Every Outfit for Every Occasion

Whether you are a businesswoman, a frequent party-goer, a mother, or anyone who loves fashion and wants to stay put-together without the hassle, every outfit reflects a different mood and attitude. You can now celebrate your everyday life with different outfits with Style Theory.

Here are just a few for you to take from:

1. Birthdays

Stun the crowd with a dress that screams “the-star-of-the-show” without being too flashy!

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