Style Theory Closet Cleanse: Act Responsible, Think Sustainable

Sustainability has always been the name of Style Theory’s business and the very essence of our fashion rental subscription model. As much as we love dressing up, it shouldn’t be this tedious, that expensive, and all over wasteful.

Act Responsible, Think Sustainable

So welcome the Infinite Wardrobe and the line-up of sustainability activities we have lined up in the months to come to get our community involved and improve the way we consume fashion, one article at a time.

Sharing Our Brand Philosophy With Likeminded Partners

Aside from saving clothing from reaching landfills prematurely, Style Theory is also ready to partner with sustainability lifestyle partners to make the difference and reduce our carbon footprint.


Seastainable: This homegrown startup fights to reduce plastic waste, one metal straw at a time. The Seastainable Straw Set comes in Rose Gold or Iridescent/Holographic colours for the bubble tea and takeaway drink orders! Not only do we reduce plastic intake with Seastainable products, we are also supporting marine conversation at the same time. The hand-sewn whale cup carrier makes sustainability look extra chic.

Sustainable straws


Bamboo Straw Girl: An earth-minded lifestyle store focused on a conscious way of living


Your Sustainable Store: Singapore-based online store created to make affordable sustainable products to inspire more to lead an environmentally aware lifestyle

Donate your pre-loved clothes for our causes!

From 14 Jan to 28 Feb, bring your pre-loved clothes for our joint project with LASALLE College of the Arts, and our partner Greensquare. If you donate 10 or more pieces of clothings, you’ll stand a chance at the lucky draw to take home a sustainability kit, courtesy of our sustainable partners!

Cup Holder

LASALLE College of the Arts project: We are collaborating with students and faculty members of Diploma in Fashion, School of Fashion LASALLE College of the Arts to collect preloved clothes and create a capsule collection of 3 finished looks in April 2019.

Greensquare project: Aside from the LASALLE College of the Arts project, we are donating the clothing collected to Greensquare to provide textile recycling services to households and organizations in Singapore and promotes awareness of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) through education, with a focus on engaging youths in schools. Not only do we conserve natural resources, but we also reduce our negative impact on environmental pollution and facilitate economical pricing for clothes and footwear for use in developing countries like East Timor and Cambodia.

Textile recycling – Greensquare provides a free collection service at your doorstep for all who want the convenience of recycling unwanted clothing, shoes, accessories and household linens
Recycling events in schools – impart knowledge of 3Rs to build recycling culture
Corporate partnership- provide textile recycling services and CSR events (such as textile drive, sustainability events)


From 14 Jan to 28 February, visit the Style Theory Capsule with your clothes to donate and check out what else is in store!

Style Theory Capsule

NomadX @ Plaza Singapura,
#N3-11 & 12
Singapore 238839


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