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Style Theory’s Apparel Subscription: Which is best for you?

The concept of renting clothes has been adopted by countless of financially savvy and eco-conscious consumers and it has proven to be a rather sustainable way of consuming fashion. Style Theory’s Apparel Subscription plans let you try and live out this lifestyle.

You love the idea of renting clothes and living a more sustainable lifestyle. So when it comes down to actually deciding on a subscription plan, it should be easy and fuss-free. Here’s a breakdown of what our plans are and how you can find the one that fits you best!

The Starter:

The starter plan subscription comes with one box and three designer pieces of your choice. This plan is great if you’re looking for an outfit that you need for a one-time event, or to simply test out the renting service. The first box that you order, will help give a gauge of Style Theory’s service and the quality of our designer clothing.

Why choose the Starter?

  • A good option if you’re looking for a gown or evening dresses for a one-time event, like prom, weddings, or gala nights. 
  • You can also opt for this plan if you’re in need of a coat for a chilly season on your vacation.  
  • If there’s no time to shop for either of the outfits above, you can simply rent from the convenience of our app, and receive them, pressed and ready to wear, in 2 working days! 

So if you’re someone who wears mostly basics, and only need one or two designer pieces for occasions and events, the Starter is the plan for you!

The Unlimited:

Unlike the Starter, the Unlimited plan comes with an unlimited amount of box swaps with three designer pieces per box. This means that even though you get three pieces per box, you can swap your box as much as you want in a month. The Unlimited plan is truly the beginning of a renting revolution! You’ll get to refresh your wardrobe every week with new pieces. 

Why choose the Unlimited?

  • Smaller homes come with smaller space. The Unlimited plan is great for when you want to save space, without missing out on wearing a dozen new styles every month!
  • When your weekends are precious and not for doing laundry. Renting means Style Theory will take care of all the dry-cleaning and ironing for you. 
  • You just want a fresh look a few days a week.

If you’re someone who loves new styles yet wants to keep storage to a minimum at home, the  Unlimited plan is a great option for you. 

The Pro:

Pro plans are for those who have already experienced the renting lifestyle and want to take their wardrobe up a notch. It also comes with unlimited swaps a month, but instead of three, you can choose up to five pieces of designer clothing for every box. That’s one for every five days of the week!

Why choose the Pro?

  • When you want to keep laundry to the minimum. 
  • It’s a great option when you want to have a new style almost daily with less box swaps.
  • If your job requires you to constantly dress up. 
  • Wearing more for less with the Pro plan keeps you savvier with your time and money. With five pieces, you’ll wear at least two more new outfits each time you swap, as compared to the Unlimited plan.

You can check our the Style Theory subscription plans here

Find one which Style Theory Apparel subscription plan works best for you, and you’ll be on your way to a sustainable lifestyle!

Check out our cheatsheet to get the shortest turnaround time and maximise your apparel subscription.

Download the Style Theory App to check our our curations and starting renting!

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