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Style Muse: Zendaya

While trends come and go, there are some trends that stick with us–especially those who are affiliated to fashion icons or style muses. Their effortless confidence and know-how around trending styles create a winning combination that we tend to emulate and translate to a fashion code that’s similar yet uniquely fitting for ourselves. 

Zendaya, the young actress and household name from her early years as a child actress is recently buzzing on our style radar from the press events for Marvel’s Spiderman franchise and is no doubt our style muse of-the-moment. 

Regardless of colours or prints, she manages to rock the look for every occasion. While Zendaya is known for her bold looks with a hint of masculinity, she doesn’t disappoint when it comes to glam-chic styles!

Bold Colours

She’s not afraid to go bold and work the monochromatic scheme to her favour. Going for a full shade isn’t easy yet she pulls it off with ease. You can work this outfit and take it further with a designer bag from the Infinite Bags Wardrobe.

Textured Lace

Zendaya is a style chameleon and aces the style game with almost every colour! Pair her bright coloured style with a couple of different textures, it goes from bold straight to dainty. A pretty blue-laced maxi dress is one you wouldn’t want to miss out trying. It’s a look that can be casual enough for brunches, but glam enough for day weddings. Try to keep the look simple with a classy little black bag.

Monochromatic Stripes

For a casual day out, you can opt for a simple striped shirt-dress like Zendaya’s. The light linen options are perfect for warmer days and not to mention, vertical running stripes gives a slimmer silhouette and creates an elongated illusion. You look fabulous even when running errands in this get-up! You can rent our picks for this look too.

Bohemian Chic

This look is both edgy and feminine at the same time. Embodying a look that’s both boho and chic, you can pull this off at any evening event! Be it outdoor beach party, or an indoor cocktail night, you’ll definitely turn heads.

Floral Prints

Lastly, we wouldn’t forget a floral print that finishes with a glamorous look. A beautiful leafy green floral dress is feminine and prettily printed! We took it up a notch by pairing something similar with a studded beige bag to bring up the edginess. Go for gold accessories that complement the green palette well!

Transforming red carpet looks to great everyday and event outfits from the Infinite Wardrobe is as fun as it is easy. If you love these looks inspired by style muse Zendaya, check out our Style Muse series here.

Meanwhile, cop Zendaya/s fuss-free looks you love from the Infinite Wardrobe. Find out more here.

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