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While trends come and go, there are some trends that stick with us–especially those who are affiliated to fashion icons or style muses. Their effortless confidence and know-how around trending styles create a winning combination that we tend to emulate and translate to a fashion code that’s similar yet uniquely fitting for ourselves.

With trends and styles, it is easy to put together a set of clothes that look smart or chic when matched but not always as easy to pull it off. We look to style muse–Alexa Chung to show us a thing or two.

Alexa Chung is a wonder woman when it comes to juggling different aspects of career–the multi-hyphenate British writer is also a television presenter, model and fashion designer. We’ll never know if she has it all together, but one thing for sure–she’s always dressed to impress!

We love her for her smart-but-stylish looks, muted-but-bold choices. She’s definitely one to follow when figuring out a look that is strong with a hint of femininity.

Out of all her stylish wears, we picked out a favourite few that show the range of her style. Hopefully, you’ll find Alexa an inspiration when it comes to quintessential brit fashion as we did!



We love all of her classy looks, especially this one. Something so simple with minimal details but able to capture attention. Pair it with a beige-nude clutch, and you’re good to go. Here are some of our picks from the Infinite Wardrobe!



She manages to pull off both smart and print in one look. Not only does the co-ord set look smart, but it is equally strong and commanding. Going for a look that’s both bold and smart helps keep your confidence high–all you need is some prints, fierceness and a little black bag!



She doesn’t just carry smart and classy looks, Alexa Chung can definitely pull of a fun and cute dress. Colour blocks outfits are not just trendy, they’re almost unique because of the crazy amount of colours you can match. Pair it with a sleek black chained clutch and you have yourself a cute look. Have some fun and pick one out for your next outing!




To everyone who feels chic is boring, it is not! It’s how and what you wear that’ll bring out the personality in you. A chic beige blouse and textured skirt is the ideal attire to be in for a simple brunch date. You can go for something similar, especially if you’re heading out for that early meal.



When it comes to looking glamorous, she can definitely walk the runway with it. A combination of colours, textures and structure that’s both elegant and bold. Here’s our take on this inspiration, one glam and one slightly more playful.



Nothing says comfort like a one-piece shift dress! Great for the rainy weather or days where you have to stay warm indoors. She keeps it comfortable yet brings it up a notch with leather boots. If you’re going for a minimalist style, let your natural tresses do the talking! Go for chic half-do or let your hair down; whatever that complement your mood of the day to keep the overall ensemble fuss-free and weekend-easy.

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