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Style Diversity: Ann Lopez

From The Infinite Wardrobe: CLOSE DENIM DRESS by NISSA

There is room for Singapore brands to explore more models of colour in fashion.

Diversity comes in many forms. In a nutshell, what is diversity to you?

Diversity, to me, is the celebration of inclusivity.  

As a model of colour, it became apparent to me that commercial media lacks in embracing diversity and inclusivity. Although we live in a multi-racial country, it wasn’t until recently that Singaporean brands explored models of colour for their branding. As compared to our Asian counterparts, I believe there is room for growth in Singapore, as it is still rare to see models of colour in fashion.

Your style is contemporary and fuss-free. How do you find a balance of both femininity and minimalism in your personal style?

I tend to mix these styles together as I love the balance of a quiet confidence. This can come through the use of subtle, feminine colours and prints in my daily style or accessories that complement the look and not divert attention from the overall outfit.

What are some advice or tips you have for flattering your best features?

I find that round neck or loosely fitted clothing work well for petite ladies because it creates silhouettes for smaller frames. I’m not as experimental when it comes to bold prints, so it’s really subjective when it comes to using patterns to showcase your personality or enhance your best features. 

You are juggling both an academic and modelling career, on top of your sideline business. How do you find time in the midst of your academic schedule to pursue your interests?

My agency, Looque Models, has been my support system when it comes to establishing my career, not only as a model but as an entrepreneur. I’m glad that I have a partner in Looque so when it comes to dedicating time to build my business, I don’t have to worry about keeping up with professional modelling engagements or building up my personal brand as a model.

Coming from a family of self-made business persons, creating a business of my own which resonated with my beliefs has always been my dream at a young age. Khara resonates with embracing oneself, irrespective of colour, gender and size, and a fusion of East and West into the product line. 

All these achievements are also made possible while I pursue an academic career!

What are some wins you enjoy and the challenges you overcame as a career woman?

Hearing from my customers that not only do they love their purchase, but what Khara stands for, too! Caterpillar stages, like website design, content creation & building Khara was a steep learning curve for me. 

What are some productivity tips you have to share with young women who are deciding on starting their own business/early into their own business?

Be confident, be bold and celebrate every personal triumph and failure, be it big or small!

If you could go to one place in the world, where would that be?

Netherlands. I love the tranquility in life, and calmness of the city.

What is your personal quote you live by?

What’s life without purpose? 

It’s important to find your purpose and pursuit in life, as well as forging a support system when the going gets tough. My grandparents and mother play that vital role for me. They have instilled in me that humility is above all luxury and fame that the world can offer. That has been my foundation and philosophy when it came to working as a model and as an entrepreneur!

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