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Style Diversity: Adele Sim


Dressing up can be an everyday affair, if you start dressing up for yourself instead for others

Diversity comes in many forms and is unique to your experiences and environment. How would you describe diversity in one sentence?

Diversity is about recognising, accepting, appreciating and embracing differences.

At my workplace, especially, we have over 20 nationalities working together. While the differences in our nationalities aren’t exclusive to diversity, I have found that the unique blend of cultures, insights and experiences is what stimulates our creativity.

Feminine wear is quite the go-to for most women. How do you dress feminine yet at the same time portray something that is uniquely you?

I think anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t have a fixed style I enjoy. I love everything and will basically dress according to what I feel like on any given day. When I dress in feminine styles, I smile a little more. The style has a “happy day” kind of vibe. 

What was your style evolution from your 20s to your 30s, till now?

I’m still wearing clothes that I’ve worn since 25 years ago! Fashion and style is on a constantly repeated cycle, to me. You can say that in a way, it’s evergreen or rather, it always comes back in style. However, I’m probably more adventurous now, especially with colours. I experiment with many different styles and one of my favourites is inspired by home decor. It could be an occupational hazard, but it’s interesting to see how fabric we choose and love for our interior styling and design can be tastefully translated to everyday fashion–from the prints to the embellishments. 

Age doesn’t hold me back when it comes to dressing up; I dress up for every occasion! I have a responsibility to myself to feel good, and that comes naturally when I make an effort with my dressing. 

How does your personality influence your style? 

Whimsical. I tend to have very contrasting interests, and that is mirrored in my fashion personality. I would say that my personal style is to be surprised at what I’ll pull off today. I like being pleasantly surprised when my efforts pay off.

What are some advice or tips you would share with those who are still figuring out their style?

For some who have basically stuck to a “comfortable” look for a long time, renting is a great opportunity to try something new, be it a different style or colour. After all, if you don’t feel comfortable in it, you don’t have to wear it out. Just swap them in your next box, and continue experimenting. You’ll be surprised by how wearing something you love and feel good in is an instant positivity boost!


You’ve been in the architecture industry for quite some time now. How did you know doing architecture was something that you would enjoy?

As a kid, I knew I always wanted to be in the creative industry. I would describe myself as a pragmatic creative. Amongst all professions, architecture suits me best, because I love designing within constraints.

Where do you find your daily dose of design inspiration?

Depending on the type and location of the projects. Sometimes, I draw my inspiration from the vibrant city, or even the view. Other times, it’s the culture that inspires me. I’m more tuned in to a sensory way of design, where I can create a space where people can dream a little.

What are thoughts on the idea of “having a little bit of you” in your designs? How does your personality influence your architectural designs?

While I definitely have preferences on what I feel is good design; it’s important for the space to take on the personality of the occupants. I need them to feel proud and feel like it’s their space. For example, I’m passionate about quite a few things; I collect furniture from the modern era, the 1920s to 1950s, I have a huge collection of CDs that I still listen to on a CD player etc… My own home is very “me”, and I feel it’s important for everyone’s home to feel that way too. 

What is your personal philosophy?

No regrets. Everything happens for a reason. Be it good or bad, I’ve learnt from it. And that’s what shaped me. It’s a natural progression and comes with age and experience, not a singular defining moment. I’ve evolved from being older and more confident and accepting myself than stopping to compare or wishing I was like someone else.

What are some of your favourite off-duty activities? 

I’m really into long-distance walking these days. I don’t walk for the exercise, but rather for the sights and sounds. I am a fan of culture and history. I plan routes that make me feel like a tourist at home. I mainly go looking for and admiring old buildings or just strolling down quaint, quieter streets. I surprise myself at how much I enjoy it. 

You seem like quite a traveller! Where are some of your favourite destinations?

I love solo holidays! While many would enjoy visiting different countries each time and striking them off their list one by one, I love returning to the same destination until it feels like my second home. One place I would really love to return to is Edinburgh. My last trip was cut short by a snowstorm, so I always feel like I have “unfinished business” there.

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