Stay Stylish and Safe with Style Theory’s Upcycled Reusable Face Masks

Among the unexpected twists and turns of 2020 is the mainstreaming of face masks in the world. For us, incorporating a fashion and personal element to it is one way to help humanise this new reality. 

Introducing Style Theory’s fabric upcycling mask production project, where we uphold our responsibility as a circular fashion company to offset carbon footprint and not contribute to more waste. Meanwhile, we also make it easy for you to fall in love with wearing a mask! 


Why did we start on this?

Style Theory has always been in the business of sustainable fashion. Many ask us what we do with clothes that don’t make the cut for rental or resale. Instead of recycling the retired clothes to textile recycling plants, we wanted to offer a new way for more users to join our sustainable movement and close the loop. 

Kind to your face, kinder to the planet

It’s no news that the amount of waste being generated from single-use items is posing a huge threat to the environment. Designed to be reusable, we upcycled cut-offs and preloved designer clothes to make masks that you can care for easily while curbing the spread of discarded single-use face masks. 


By paying attention to the fabrics and production methods used to create these masks, we can make more eco-friendly choices when it comes to protecting ourselves, others, and the planet.


Handmade with care for your peace of mind 

Each mask is thoughtfully designed to ensure a personalised fit. We carefully handpick fabrics that are made with 50% natural fibres like cotton or linen to make it lightweight and breathable. For added protection, each mask is lined and reveals a side opening for a removable filter, and structured to fit the natural contours of your face. 


Mask but make it fashion

Gone are the days when face masks were just skincare rituals we applied on our face and washed off. Now, they play a big part in our head-to-toe outfits. We turn functional into fun with our selection of styles, from statement to chic. 

If you’re feeling personal:
Choose from 5 embroidery designs and fabric pairings, each with a story to tell. 


If you’re feeling chic:
Go for printed designs like floral, lace and stripes, inspired by your everyday favourite patterns. 


If you’re feeling adventurous:
What’s life without an element of surprise? Leave it to our styling team to surprise you! Opt for the “Stylists’ Picks!” option under the category that you like, and we’ll personally handpick a design that you’re sure to love.

Join the fashion revolution with our limited edition face masks that keep fashion away from the landfills, while staying 100% in style. Shop face masks at Style Theory now. 

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Pei Szan is a dreamy idealist (a.k.a chronic daydreamer) who easily speaks in metaphors. She enjoys anything philosophical, loves jet-setting around the world, and has a serious boba addiction. Fun fact: Hailing from the land of Nasi Lemak, she left the legal scene to pursue her creative calling and hopes to inspire more women along the way. Her favourite section of the wardrobe? One-piece wonders like jumpsuits for the lazy days.

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