Start Being Financially Savvy Without Compromising Your Fashion Freedom

As we all know, inflation has grappled many countries around the world and economists warned us to not expect it to drop soon. If you are still confused by this term, inflation basically means the increase in prices or living costs in a country. So, when you heard about inflation, it means you need to pay more for a set of goods or services for a certain period of time – usually in a year.

Even though some news said that the inflation has eased recently, the central bank had stated that core inflation likely will stay elevated at about 5% until the end of 2022, continuing into the first half of 2023. According to Reuter, Singapore’s monetary policy had tightened last month for the fourth time this year, a strategy to control the inflation rate.

That’s why you need to start being financially smart and make wiser decisions when it comes to spending money. It’s time to reevaluate your frenzy shopping habit, and maybe cut it down sparingly. But then, what about those fashion freedom and catching up to fashion trend lifestyle? Fret not, you don’t have to let go of the lifestyle that makes you unique or sparks joy. Style Theory is here to help you make greener changes in life easier – as well as financially smarter – by giving you access to unlimited designer apparel and bags.

Try new styles every day without costing you a million bucks  

Sometimes (or maybe most of the time), we buy things that we don’t need, including clothes and bags. When we chose to shop recklessly, without putting the budget and space we had into account, it’s like a disaster waiting to happen.

So, what should we do if we want to experiment with our fashion, yet we don’t want to splurge our hard-earned money? Let us introduce you to real fashion freedom with renting! Renting will take you to a whole new experience of fashion flexibility. You’ll get to wear something new for any occasion despite recent inflation because you don’t have to pay the full price of each designer’s clothes.

A new iconic bag for every occasion  

Our Infinite Wardrobe has every fashion essential you need. It evolves along with your need. From Chanel bags to Gucci wallets, we’ve got it all. We’re not surprised to know that Chanel’s classic bag price is continually rising. Counterintuitively, the elevated cost only makes the timeless bag more desirable.

With Style Theory, you can proudly carry a Chanel bag without having to worry about your budget. Enjoy luxury bag spending while being financially savvy by renting. It’s surely a better option for your headspace and our planet, too.

Start making earth-friendly decisions: Buy Less, Wear More  

By this far, you already know that choosing to rent will give you more freedom, save you more money, give you the chance to reclaim your space, and also get back your precious time. But the plus side of you joining the circular fashion movement with renting is also: saving our planet. Yes, the seemingly small decision about what to wear next can accumulate in a greener future.

When you start renting, you’ll put a stop to the wear-only-once culture and cut down our fashion landfill. You’ll also cut down the demand to produce new clothes while also helping to put an end to fashion overproduction. You’ll also get to maximise the lifecycle of each fashion item you rent!

Don’t let inflation stops you to be fashionable by choosing to rent. No more budget dilemmas and say goodbye to adding clutter into your life! Jumpstart your renting journey and enjoy our new arrivals to keep your fashion on trend.

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