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Know Your 2020 Spring Colours

As we enter into the new year, the festive season is still in reign for the month of January. If you celebrate, you’d know that Lunar New Year is just around the corner! Many might have already begun window-shopping or carting out new clothes online.

We are all familiar with festive celebrations, and the traditions and rules that come with it. We stick to it for comfort, and also for the sake of pleasing our elders. But over the years, traditions have become more modern, and auspicious red isn’t the only colour you can wear! So, before you go around looking for the perfect dress or floral cheongsam that you’ll only wear once, take a read to find out more about 2020’s colour trends. 

We guarantee these colours will be a showstopper, and renting these vibrant pieces will be so huat!

#1. Saffron Yellow

Saffron Yellow is rich and bold; this vivid shade of warm yellow– almost gold – adds the glow or pop you need in your outfit. Go for a strong coloured jumper or dress to turn heads. If you like the colour to be more low-key, rent a saffron yellow bag to accompany your outfit. 

#2. Chive Green

Yes! Chive Green is the spring colour of 2020. It’s dark, strong, and somewhat herbaceous – a flavourful colour to enter the New Year with. As strong as it may look, it actually acts as a neutral hue, fitting with most colours you may want to match with. We recommend pairing with yellow for a bold statement, or brown for an earthy touch.

#3. Flame Scarlet

As much as red is the colour that represents luck or auspiciousness, we actually love the colour simply for its boldness and confidence. Its fiery warmth is perfect for making a statement! Imagine walking the streets dressed in it, wouldn’t you feel powerful? 

#4. Coral Pink

One of the prettiest colours, Coral Pink exudes calmness and femininity. If you are one who loves textures like pleats and laces, take it up a notch by renting one in this colour. The warmth of coral brightens up the pinkish hues, perfect for the season, and definitely ideal for both day and evening visitations!

#5. Light Denim Blue 

Alas, after all the warm hues, a cool hue to calm the fiery. One of the trending colours in 2020: light blue denim is dependable and easy to work with. Its soothing hue is perfect with bright bold colours, but also acts as a complement to earthy tones like brown or ivory. 

Pro-tip: Try matching these colours with other textures or hues if you want to tone down the monochromatic look. 

We know it’s a tradition to purchase new (and only red!) clothes every Lunar New Year, but it’s not exactly financially savvy or sustainable all the time – especially if you only wear it once! There is no need for a wardrobe overhaul just because it’s a new year or for festive reasons. 

Walking into the Lunar New Year with vibrant colours and fancy styles just sets the tone for a great year. Create your own tradition of wearing not just red, but other equally vibrant and auspicious colours. 

Get more bang for your buck by renting these colourful pieces for your festive outfits and start your own traditions at festive celebrations! 

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