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Spring Cleaning Woes: 6 Ways to Spring Clean Better

The Lunar New Year is slightly short of three weeks away; the festive season of tarts and goodies is not to be missed! As we enter the celebratory season of the annual traditions of purchasing new clothes and new year goodies, getting our hair cut and manicures done, we move down the list to strike off the most important task — spring cleaning. As much as most would dread it, it is usually an important step to ensuring a very huat beginning to the year. 

So, why is the practice of this annual spring cleaning activity so important?

The term ‘spring clean’ is derived from the practice of cleaning during the end of winter season or the beginning of spring season. It wasn’t long before it became a tradition with the belief that cleaning their house before the new year rids you of the bad luck accumulated from the past year and welcomes good fortune in the coming year. 

We get it; spring cleaning can be taxing amidst prepping for other things. It can be a real chore trying to fit in time to spring clean. So here are six ways you can spring clean smarter, faster, and better.

#1. Create a Schedule

Of course, spring cleaning your entire space in one day is a tall order. You need to create a schedule that would fit your timings without exhausting you for the rest of the day or days after. Split your spring cleaning into two or three days and schedule each day to a specific area of your home. You’ll find that it’s easier to focus when you aren’t running around not knowing where to begin. 

Try cleaning in 60-minute sessions each time. It’s more manageable and less overwhelming all together.

#2. Declutter

When it comes to cleaning, it is good to follow a system: start out by decluttering and making space before organising. Half the messes made are out of things you actually don’t need – especially shoes, clothes and bags! These are the items you should segment and declutter. 

Check out how Drea Chong took on the Style Theory’s Wardrobe Decluttering Challenge and get some inspiration to clear out your mess! 

#3. Consignment

If you don’t love what’s in your closet, it may be a sign to consign them!

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of selling your unwanted items from decluttering, you might want to set aside your designer bags for consignment! What is consignment with Style Theory? Click here to read more!

For most designer bag lovers, you hold on to your bags even if you’ve only used them once and no longer plan to use them, or if you bought them on impulse and rarely use them. Instead of sacrificing your precious space in your home, try consigning them to make more space for other items. You can even make a little money on the side when you give these bags a second chance!

#4. Suit Up

The results you want from spring cleaning is a clean home – not dry skin or allergy reactions! Make sure you’re in the right attire for the job and prep the following items before proceeding the deep cleanse: Clean with a mask and gloves on. It’d be good to have an antihistamine on hand if you have sensitive skin or sinus problems. 

It’s also good to air out your space to facilitate ventilation post-cleaning!

#5. Cleanse All Areas

If you’re guilty of last-minute spring cleaning, you may overlook cleaning parts of the house that are less noticed but not any less tougher to clean–window panes and kitchen grills. It comes at no surprise, but that’s where all the dust and dirt settles. Take the time to do a deep cleaning once and you’ll find it easier to maintain its cleanliness in the future. 

#6. Organise, organise, and reorganise

After a whole day of decluttering and cleaning, it’s finally time to organise your items. Find an organisation system that works for you — such as sorting by colours or categories. Organising your items makes everything look neater and also eases your process of looking for items in the future. Your future self will be thankful.

Some tips on organisation:

  • Use clear boxes or containers to store items – you know exactly what is in it without having to open the box. 
  • Invest in label stickers! Label boxes or drawers with stickers for easier location and identification. 
  • Arrange clothes and shoes in categories or colours – whichever fits. Personally, I prefer to sort it by category first, followed by the dark to light colours.
  • Lastly, once organised, always make it a point to place the item back where it came from! Keep things folded if you find hangers a hassle.

Take some time out this weekend to spring clean your home and welcome the new year! Refer to our Weekend Spring Clean checklist below to make sure you don’t miss out anything:

Bathroom – Day 1: 1 to 2 hours

  • Scrub walls, floors, and shower door 
  • Soak and wash sink counters and toilet bowl
  • Wipe mirrors and sink counters 
  • Give a final spray of bathroom floor
  • Wash bathroom rugs and mats 

Bedroom – Day 1: 2 to 3 hours

  • Declutter and donate unused items 
  • Dust and vacuum floors or carpet
  • Wash drapes and linens
  • Open window for some air

Kitchen – Day 2: 1 to 2 hours

  • Clean refrigerator and freezer
  • Wipe down cabinets and kitchen counters
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Wash all utensils 
  • Degrease appliances
  • Wipe down the dining area

Living Room – Day 2: 2 to 3 hours

  • Declutter shelf and cabinets
  • Dust and wipe electronics and appliances
  • Clean windows doors
  • Wash and change upholstery 
  • Sweep, vacuum, and mop floors
  • Wipe down the dining area

With this checklist, you should get a head start before the Chinese New Year! Do this frequently in easy doses to reduce the volume of cleaning you have to do each time.

Ready to start consigning the pieces that didn’t make the cut? Get started here! Find out more about our consignment process

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