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WATCH: 走進最令人心動的衣櫃,試盡Chanel、Dior、Off White、Calvin Klein等人氣單品

Inside the most desirable Infinite Wardrobe – from Chanel, Dior to Off White and Calvin Klein 

Celebrity mom, former Miss Hong Kong first runner-up, Skye Chan takes us on a secret tour to the Style Theory warehouse and dazzles us with the infinite wardrobe you can have, with your favourite brands such as Chanel, Dior, LOEWE, Maje, Sandro, Alice Mccall and more. Juggling between her work as emcee, actress, and a mother of three, Skye is constantly looking to expand her wardrobe. She was thrilled to discover Style Theory, where you can rent designer clothes and luxury bags for a monthly fee. No more splurging for a party dress which you would wear once, not only you can save space at home (which all husbands approve!), you can also save money while making an environmentally conscious choice.

“I don’t need to keep buying clothes and filling my closet anymore. I can just rent and feel like I own it. The best part is I can rent and return everything at the comfort of my own home with just a click. All the conditions are very new, and the price is unbelievably affordable.”

“Owning 2 Chanel bags at the same time is no longer a dream. You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to buy them. You just need to pay a few hundred dollars, and you can use two bags and take IG pics nonstop for a whole month.”

Experimenting with vibrant colours and a range of styles, Skye and her friend Bobo flaunt their style with glam chic dresses, sophisticated office attire, fabulous resort wear and even mesmerizing wedding gowns, showing the unlimited possibilities you can have with Style Theory! Style Theory believes women of all shapes and sizes can all have fun with fashion, therefore providing items ranging from XS to XL. Skye also reassures that Style Theory has a professional team to check, dry clean all items before and after the rent, as well as sanitise all the packaging. 


走進最令人心動的衣櫃,試盡Chanel、Dior、Off White、Calvin Klein等人氣單品

星級主持陳倩揚帶大家親身探索 Style Theory 過萬尺的秘密倉庫,試盡不同設計師單品,保證令你目不暇給!Style Theory 倉擁有超過4萬件設計師單品,其中品牌包括 Chanel、Dior、Gucci、Saint Laurent、LOEWE、Maje、Sandro、Alice Mccall 等等。身為主持、演員及星級媽咪,陳倩揚身兼多職,並無時無刻也需要以最佳形象示人。與我們一樣,倩揚也經常購物但還是覺得「無衣可穿」。倩揚最近有驚人大發現 ,那便是 Style Theory 手袋及服裝租借平台,既是女性恩物,亦是老公最愛。租借服裝及手袋不但能讓你瘋狂換造型,更能省錢及省衣櫃空間,滿足經濟效益並達到環保效果。

「我唔洗再買到一櫃都係衫,而家租左借左當擁有左。安在家中你就可以借同還,一click就搞掂。全部 condition 都好新,價錢仲要估唔到咁抵。」

「一個月同時擁有兩個 Chanel 袋不是夢,唔洗再俾幾萬蚊去買,而家幾百蚊就可以攞住不斷打卡一個月。」

倩揚與朋友Bobo親身試上適合不同場合的造型,包括氣質連身裙、簡潔上班連身褲、耀眼的度假造型、甚至婚禮敬酒的紅裙,務求滿足你想像!不論你是型格風或隨意風,Style Theory 的單品也能為你帶來無限可能性。

Style Theory 認為各種體型的女性也能享受體驗時尚的樂趣,所以提供產品的尺碼由XS至XL,一應俱全。另外,倩揚亦明白大家會考慮衛生問題,並註明 Style Theory 會有專業團隊為每件單品在寄出前及收到後徹底乾洗及護理,務求每件單品皆以最理想的狀態寄到你府上。


3:18 What is Style Theory?
Style Theory 介紹

4:44 Chanel Grained Vegetal Calfskin Shopping Tote Black try-on
試用 Chanel 黑色顆粒壓花植鞣皮 tote bag 手袋

6:16 Sneak peek inside the Style Theory warehouse
走進 Style Theory 倉庫

7:38 Introduction of friend Bobo
介紹朋友 Bobo

7:49 Calvin Klein and Michael Kors Trench Coat
試穿 Calvin Klein 及 Michael Kors 乾濕

8:39 Apparel sizing review

11:47 Celine Nano Belt Bag Mineral try-on
試用 Celine 礦物色袖珍型BELT手袋

12:13 Style Theory monthly Box and delivery review
Style Theory 月費計劃及收貨評語

16:15 Vesper Annalise Off Shoulder Maxi Evening Dress in Red try-on
試穿 Vesper Annalise 紅色一字膊長晚裝裙

18:18 Hygiene measures explained

21:05 Talulah Said So Mini Dress and All I Need Mini Dress try-on
試穿 Talulah 的 Said So 迷你裙及All I Need 迷你裙

22:20 Style Theory size recommendation review
Style Theory 尺碼建議的評語

23:33 – Balenciaga Classic Mini City Logo Print Black and Saint Laurent Pyramid Box Black try-on
試用 Balenciaga 迷你黑色經典 City 印花手袋及 Saint Laurent 黑色金字塔盒子袋

27:28 Elliatt Chiara Sleeveless Dress try-on and Chanel bag
試穿 Elliatt 的 Chiara 無袖裙及 Chanel 手袋

28:35 Lavish Ale Asymmetric Button Detail Jumpsuit and Chanel Quilted Lambskin Jumbo Classic Flap Bag Black with Gold Hardware try-on
試穿 Lavish Ale 不規則鈕扣細節連身褲及 Chanel 格紋羊皮金扣經典黑色特大手袋

32:00 Style Theory Monthly Box unbox and explained
Style Theory 月費盒子開箱及介紹

34:00 Special Offer

42:08 Foxiedox Nixie Jumpsuit and Wish Moments Jumpsuit try-on
試穿 Foxiedox 的 Nixie 連身褲及 Wish 的 Moments 連身褲

42:40 Dior Large Lady Dior Coral and LOEWE Small Puzzle Bag Yellow try-on
試用 Dior 珊瑚色大 Lady Dior 手袋及 LOEWE 黃色 Puzzle 小手袋

44:35 Gucci Mini Sylvie Chain Bag White try-on
試用 Gucci 白色迷你 Sylvie 鏈袋

48:44 Style Theory app renting how-to

52:19 Laison Jean Top and Finn skirt try-on
試穿 Laison 牛仔上衣及 Finn 半截裙

54:08 Minor Miracles What You Did Ruched Jumpsuit in Horizon try-on
試穿 Minor Miracles 的 What You Did Ruched 直條連身褲

54:42 Burberry Small Lola Candy Floss try-on
試穿 Burberry 糖果色 Lola 小鏈袋

1:03:07 Jesse Loelianto Worthy Black Top and Sister Jane Gold Cup Tweed Midi Skirt try-on
試穿 Jesse Loelianto 的 Worth 黑色上衣及 Sister Jane 花呢中長裙

1:04:42 Moon River Wide-Legs Pants with Belt try-on
試穿 Moon River 闊腳褲及腰帶

1:05:44 Off-White Diagonal Stripes Binder Clip Bag Black with Black Strap try-on
試用 Off-White 黑色斜紋文件夾扣手袋

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