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Shape Diversity: Audrey Tan

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Diversity comes in many forms and is unique to your experiences and environment. In a nutshell, what is diversity to you?

Diversity is accepting other people’s differences and appreciating their unique traits.

With three kids in tow, when did you first realise the importance of diversity in society?

I started to realise the importance of diversity in society after getting married and having children! Working with and meeting lots of people that grew up in different environments who have very different beliefs helped to widen my perspective.

Raising the next generation is as challenging as it is exciting. What do you want to impart to your children about diversity and what other values do you hope to instill in them?

I hope they learn to respect other people’s opinions and thoughts even if it’s very different from what they perceive is right.

You stand at 1.62m tall. What is your body shape and what concerns do you face?

My body type is pear. My main concern that I’m facing right now is my mum-tum!

How do you dress to flatter your body type?  What styles do you embrace or avoid?

My personal style is romantic and feminine, so I tend to wear soft lace or flowy dresses that are loose at the bottom, like babydoll dresses or maxi dresses! 

What are some activities you do to keep yourself healthy?

Taking care of my three kids is my form of exercise, haha! 

With the media and their standards of beauty, being body-beautiful means something different to every individual. What does the term ‘body beautiful’ mean to you? 

To me, “body beautiful” means embracing your body even if it is not the media’s standard of beauty. Too often, the media perpetuates the same few “ideal” body types, and it’s up to us to learn how to block out the noise and embrace our own bodies for being beautiful in their own ways.

You’re a mother of three, what was entering motherhood like for you at your first child, and now with three kids?

I’m a lot more relaxed now with my third child and have learnt to choose my battles because it’s so chaotic everyday with three kids! 

On your Instagram, you document your daughter, Kayla’s fight with Wilm’s Tumor with the hashtag #kaylafightscancer on Instagram. Through that, you’ve inspired many with both Kayla’s and your fighting spirit. What does the term “resilience” mean to you and Kayla? 

Resilience means making a decision to stay mentally positive in spite of your circumstances. As Kayla’s mother, I have to put on a brave and strong front for her to lean on. It has been a tough journey, but I have the support of my family and friends. 

Can you share with us some of your challenges and how you came to overcome it?

I guess being the main caregiver while heavily pregnant is the toughest thing I’ve ever had to do, especially when we had to stay in the hospital almost everyday for a few months. It was both physically and mentally challenging. 

I guess I reached a point where I told myself I can’t continue feeling sorry about our current situation anymore and made an effort to make the situation more “fun” for us like getting her a gold wig to look like Elsa from Frozen, or parking the car by the beach and imagining we’re playing by the sea – we can’t actually do it because her immunity is too low to be at the beach right now. 

What is your personal quote you live by, and how did you find it?

The quote “you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have” gave me huge motivation when my first child, Kayla, was born.

If you could give one sentence to encourage other working mothers, what would you say?

You are not alone.

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