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What Happens to My Starter Plan Membership?

Thank you for being part of our #WomenOfStyleTheory community! 

Exciting updates to your Style Theory Membership kick in on 3 Nov 2021

We have upgraded you to our new Capsule Plan (2 Boxes at S$59 for first month1, subsequently S$79/month) as the Starter Plan has been discontinued.

Your new Capsule Plan gives you 6 pieces a month, lowering your cost per item to S$13.20 compared with S$19.60 previously – that’s 33% savings, with even more perks thrown in!  

Bonus alert: We’re giving you 2 complimentary Boxes with your upgraded plan! Use them anytime between now and April 2022.

All-New Benefits:

Instant Swaps

  • Receive your next Box when you return your current one, with zero waiting time in between!
  • You no longer have to return your current box before booking your next items. Simply select your next pieces in the app, and tap “Schedule a Swap” 
  • Don’t like the fit for one of your items or having a last-minute dress code change for your invites? You may Swap 1, 2 or all 3 of your items
  • Do note that regardless of the number of items swapped, every Instant Swap will reduce your Box count
  • Pro tip: Use the Swap feature to call first dibs on your favourite styles! When an item becomes available to rent on the app, add it to your Box and schedule a Swap immediately!

Box Rollover

  • Don’t need to use all your Boxes this month? Your unused Boxes can be rolled over for up to 6 months!
  • You can roll over a maximum of 10 Boxes
  • You must have an active Membership to use your Boxes
  • All Boxes are valid for 6 months (even if you’re on Pause), so be sure to use them before they expire!
  • Pro tip: Find a summary of your total Boxes and their expiry dates under Profile > Subscription Details 

Need more Boxes?

  • Upgrade your Membership Plan via the app. Your additional Boxes will be available to use immediately, and you will be billed for the incremental difference.
  • You can also purchase an extra Box at just S$45! Simply make a request through our in-app chat.

Have any questions about your new Capsule Plan or our new features? Reach out to our friendly Customer Happiness team through our in-app chat!

We’re forever grateful for the support from you and the #WomenOfStyleTheory community and can’t wait to go further together on this journey with you!


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1S$20 credited to your account, so that your Membership fee will remain unchanged at S$59 in your next billing cycle.

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