Send Your Friends Social Distancing E-Cards

Social distancing can be tough, especially when it means missing out on spending time with your friends. But there’s nothing like a reminder of affection during hard times like these. Here’s what you can do: Download these personalised e-cards that says you’re thinking of them and tag them on Instagram Stories!

1. For the 24/7 Sleeper

Know someone who is always nowhere to be seen online until the sun goes down? If eating counts as a hobby, so does sleeping!


2. For the Boredom Killer

Whipped up a 5-ingredient meal? Been there. Created a TikTok video with a pet? Done that. This person has probably checked off the entire list of #StayHome activities to keep boredom at bay!


3. For the Exercise Maniac

All hail the queen of #fitspo! You’ve probably come across snippets of their workout routine on Instagram Stories every day without fail.


4. For the Noise Hazard

We all have that one friend who’s always carrying their portable Bluetooth speaker around, party or not. For them, music is meant to be enjoyed at full blast — even at home! 


5. For the Overzealous Cleaner

When they’re not working at home, they’re probably cleaning and making sure to leave no dust behind. Strands of hair on the bed sheet? Not a chance. 


6. For the Presentable Professional

Pyjamas are out of the question when it comes to working from home. Meet that one colleague who never fails to dress up for a video conference.


7. For the Pyjama Zombie

On the contrary, some of our friends wouldn’t mind wearing pyjamas all day long. Every day is (very) casual Friday! 


8. For the Restless Pacer

What commuting in times of Circuit Breaker looks like for them: 



9. For the Status Quo

Circuit Breaker or not, the introvert in this friend was born ready for the #StayHome life. And they’re winning the social distancing game without breaking a sweat, literally. 


Want to kick it up a notch? Send a designer bag subscription their way to say Happy Birthday, thank you, or a quick perk-me-up! Surprise her with an e-gift card with the same personalised designs that she’d sure to love! 

About Author

Pei Szan is a dreamy idealist (a.k.a chronic daydreamer) who easily speaks in metaphors. She enjoys anything philosophical, loves jet-setting around the world, and has a serious boba addiction. Fun fact: Hailing from the land of Nasi Lemak, she left the legal scene to pursue her creative calling and hopes to inspire more women along the way. Her favourite section of the wardrobe? One-piece wonders like jumpsuits for the lazy days.

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  • Abdel.D
    May 30, 2020 at 5:05 pm

    Amazing article, people need it at this time.

    We are all suffering during this COVID19 as many family are far from each other due to social distancing. The worse part is when one of your family members or the person you love is stuck in another city during the pandemic and have no way to return back. However, social media and other communication platforms are making it easy to reach each other and have quality time talking through video call…
    We all need to be patient at time and everything will be alright is the near future.


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