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Secret Hacks: Make the Most of Your Apparel Membership

If there’s one thing fashion has taught us, it’s that the industry is evolving every single day and not every trend is worth the purchase. With the game-changing apparel rental subscription comes a new set of ways to navigate “shopping” from the Infinite Wardrobe — all without the commitment of ownership (and regrettable purchases).


Style Theory’s co-founder, Raena Lim.

“How many pieces can I rent in a month?”

“How can I maximise my subscription?”

“What if I can’t find what I want?”

We’ll be the first to admit that scrolling through an endless selection of dresses, tops, jumpsuits and everything in between can be agonising. But with these tried and tested secret hacks from our co-founder, Raena Lim (who’s also a subscriber herself), you can up your renting game like a pro without breaking a sweat!

1. Click the love button — create a wishlist!

“I have a wishlist of my absolute favorites. When ordering my new box, I always check the list first and add to box immediately if they’re available.” — Raena

“Why do I need a wishlist?”, you wonder. Finding the right styles can be an arduous task when going through 40,000+ pieces from the Infinite Wardrobe. Creating a wishlist helps you monitor the availability of the pieces you fell in love at first sight while browsing but were unavailable then.  


The more you wishlist, the easier it is to find your desired items each time you make your box order! Also, renting is made fun when you can create your own board of collections!

2. Get inspired — browse the #WomenOfStyleTheory feed


Browsing the new in-app #WomenOfStyleTheory feed gives me ideas on how to mix and match and shows me how the pieces look like on an everyday person!” — Raena


Get inspired by the community of other Women of Style Theory who pull off those designer pieces in real life! Through our new in-app section, we feature different looks shared by our fashion-loving community every day. Alternatively, check out these tagged photos on Instagram with the hashtag #womenofstyletheory for more inspiration!

3. Discover the right fit with Size Recommendations

I use the Fit Algorithm and compare size reviews of those similar-sized to me to find the best fit.” — Raena


When it comes to finding the right outfit, size and fit matters. Utilise our in-app size recommendations feature so you can find the perfect fit across 250+ designer labels. How it works: the Fit Algorithm examines each outfit’s unique silhouette and compares them with your body measurements to score it on fit. Here’s to more well-fitted victories and renting like a pro!

4. Talk to our in-app stylist for advice.

Talk to our in-app stylists. If you’re a little stuck on what you should wear for an event (or anything really), chat in for some friendly advice and inspiration.” — Raena

What better way to save time than when you can reach out to your very own personal stylist at your fingertips? Tricky dress code or themed party to prep for? Our in-app stylist a.k.a. your personal shopper and style advisor will help you discover new ways to mix and match according to your needs. They’re your friendly guide to making the most of your Infinite Wardrobe!

5. Enjoy an extra treat — redeem Style Stars!


It pays to subscribe to Style Theory and stay subscribed! From time to time, we love to show our subscribers some love. For every active subscriber for our Unlimited plan, you will receive 50 Style Stars each month. For every accumulated 120 stars, you can redeem one additional item in your next box — perfect for that extra piece you need for travel or occasions! 

6. Surprise yourself — try everything!

Try everything, especially the styles that scare you. You’ll never know what you can pull off until you give it a go.” — Raena

The best part about our apparel rental subscription? It’s risk-free! It’s a great opportunity to try something new, be it a different style or colour, without the guilt of buying what you don’t like.

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7. Save time — choose the self pick-up option.

“If you’re in town, schedule your pick-up and drop-off at our self-collection points to get the fastest turnaround!” — Raena


This reduces the turnaround time by at least a day compared to if you choose the delivery options. Follow our cheatsheet to find the best option that maximises your time! If you’re working from home this season, or avoiding going out so often, the home delivery option is still the best option.

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The sky’s the limit when you’re equipped with these tips to maximise your wardrobe through fearless experimentation. Get started with new chic styles for any day of the week and every occasion of the year now! 

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The sky’s the limit when you’re equipped with these tips to maximise your wardrobe through fearless experimentation. Get started with new chic styles for any day of the week and every occasion of the year now! 
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