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Secret Hacks: 5 Hacks to Maximise Your Designer Bag Subscription

We feel you, owning a designer bag can be expensive but with the upcoming trend of renting a dream Chanel or the season’s trendy Fendi, it can be an ideal platform for you to try the designer bag lifestyle. I mean, what’s not to love about it? But questions and reservations may arise. “What if I can’t get the bag I want?” “How do I find one that fits all my essentials?” If you have these nagging questions on how to actually maximise your bag subscription, fret not, we’ve got you covered with some hacks.

secret hacks bag

Co-founder of Style Theory, Raena Rui, shared with us some of her hacks when it comes to maximising her subscription. 

Here’s how you can utilise these hacks to maximise your designer bag subscription and make the most out of it:

1. Utilise your wishlist

secret hacks bag

secret hacks bag

This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but many add to their wishlist but forget to utilise it! 

“I have a wishlist of my absolute favourites. When ordering my box, I always check these first and add to the box immediately if any of the bags on my list are available.” – Raena 

A wishlist is great when you are curating your favourite designer bags. You can even create multiple wishlists for different occasions or styles!. Make it a point to check back on your wishlists for the bags you’d like to try, as it’s the best way  to bookmark and locate your favourites. Whenever they’re available, you can easily and quickly add them to your box before someone else does!

2. Browse our As Seen On You feed for inspiration

With so many styles to pick from, you can be spoilt for choice. Or perhaps you are unsure of what the actual size of the bag is like in real life.

“I love browsing the new #womenofstyletheory feed! It gives me ideas on how to mix and match and shows me how the piece looks like on an everyday person.” – Raena

So like Raena does, we recommend you check out our As Seen On You feature to find inspiration. Browsing helps with:

  • Giving you a good gauge on the sizes of the bags you are eyeing
  • Showing you how the piece looks like on an everyday basis
  • Finding inspiration on how to wear them!

3. Reserve your bag

The despair of finding out that the bag you love is unavailable again is something we can all resonate with! It can be frustrating when the bag you’ve got your eyes on is constantly rented — maybe you just don’t have the fastest fingers. 

We’ve got your back with our new feature and one of the best hacks: Bag Reservation. It allows you to reserve the bag that you want for your next box for the next 48 hours! That will give you ample time for you to schedule a return of your existing bag, and for us to swiftly deliver your reserved bag to your doorstep!

To try this feature, simply click on ‘Bag Reservation’ located on the home page, or speak with our customer experience team in the in-app chat to reserve the designer bag of your choice!

4. Choose the self pick-up option

secret hacks bag

If you’re in town, schedule your pick-up and drop-off at our self-collection points to get the fastest turnaround!” – Raena

As a subscriber, minimising turnaround days is definitely a factor to consider. So as much as possible, schedule your designer bags for self pick-up or drop-off at our various convenient locations. This way, you can get your next box booked as soon as you return your current designer bag and have it picked up the next day! This reduces the turnaround time by at least a day compared to the delivery option.

Follow our cheatsheet to find the best option and location that maximises your bag subscription.

5. Increase your bag quota

For a designer bag lover, 2 bags a month might barely be enough! If you have a particularly voracious bag appetite, or if you have multiple RSVPs in one month, this feature is perfect for you.

Now, you can rent a third bag in a month for S$35! Simply click on ‘Extra Bag Quota’ located within the home page or speak with our customer experience team in the in-app chat to get additional quota for the month. 

secret hacks bag

With these handy hacks from our co-founder, Raena, you’ll be able to be rent-savvy with your bags subscription

Want access to over 2,000 designer bags, but not sure how to get started? Here’s how it works.

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