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Same Look, Different Bodies : Mavis & Kelly

It’s no secret that diversity and representation in fashion are the two things that the industry does not have enough of. Unrealistic portrayals of a woman’s body and how clothes look good on a very particular body size have always been something that the industry was known for. While the industry is taking a step in the right direction with representation and diversifying the ideal look of body types, we feel that we have a responsibility to further the agenda on diversity and representation. 

We caught up with two best friends Mavis and Kelly and dressed them up in the exact same look to show how looking good has nothing to do with the size of your body. These two amazing women share their thoughts and experiences on how it feels to be dressing up the same despite having different body types, and their journey to reaching fashion freedom! 

Rent the Passions Midi Dress by Talulah from the Infinite Wardrobe

Mavis and Kelly met at a staff beach party in 2017 and hit it off right away. “We clicked the moment we met,” explained Mavis enthusiastically when asked to tell us about how their friendship started. Since their first meeting, both shared that they’ve been very grateful to be in each other’s lives, especially since they always count each other in on good deals! Kelly and Mavis love how goofy and comfortable they are with each other, they can always count on each other for honesty, whether it be bad fashion choices, or some hard truths and advice. 

We went ahead and asked Mavis and Kelly some questions about their journey to reaching fashion freedom:

Rent the Passions Midi Dress by Talulah from the Infinite Wardrobe

Tell us about both of your personal styles?

Mavis: I would say my style is very casual! I tend to wear a lot of blacks, but I would also add colours in the mix too. I also prioritise comfort in my outfits.

Kelly: A casual and athleisure style. I practice yoga on a regular basis, so it’s easier to just throw on a crop top over my sports bra before I meet my friends! Apart from that, I tend to wear dresses, or a crop top and pants combo. More often than not, I turn to dresses since I don’t have to overthink in terms of styling!

How do you use fashion to express yourself?

Mavis : Fashion is something that I want people to remember me by. I want to be able to show different styles or how to mix and match every time. I also love it whenever I get asked where I got the piece that I’m wearing, it makes me feel influential! 

Kelly: Style, for me, is how I get to look presentable to people. If I feel like my outfit represents me well, I get a real confidence boost!

Rent the Ovation Jumpsuit by Cameo from the Infinite Wardrobe

Do you have any challenges when shopping for apparel?

Mavis: Measurements may sometimes be off due to the piece’s material which is such a pity if it doesn’t fit me in the end. Also, how a piece looks on a model may not be the same for me as we have different body types.

Kelly: My main challenge is purchasing pants online. Oftentimes, everything fits well except on my hips. Having to spend more for an exchange/refund is an unnecessary expense and chore.

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What body insecurities have you faced? How did you overcome that?

Mavis: Growing a food baby! I’m also drawn to body-hugging pieces but it can make me more body-conscious too. I usually overcome that by mixing loose and body-hugging pieces together and making sure I have a jacket to throw on whenever I want. From food babies to short dresses, having an outerwear piece to wrap me up always helps! 

Kelly: Mine would be the stretch marks on my thighs. To overcome this, I opt for pants more than shorts. If I do wear shorts, they have to be at a reasonable length.

Rent the Ovation Jumpsuit by Cameo from the Infinite Wardrobe

What would you say your superpower is when it comes to your style? 

Mavis: I appreciate every style, and I’m always willing to try out new things to add to my outfit.

Kelly: Having the eye to ensure my outfits are always on point!

What do you think about Style Theory’s ‘Same Style, Different Bodies’ body positivity campaign, and what do you hope it can bring to the audience and the current society? 

Mavis: I really like how it shows that different bodies bring out different flattering points of each style! Everybody is built differently and there is no way we are able to have the same body type so we can all look the same. Imagine how boring that’d be! 

Kelly: I hope that every body type can be appreciated and that society will eventually move past that one standard beauty standard! People of different body types with the same style can look beautiful no matter what. It all depends on how you carry yourself. 😊

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Rent the Ovation Jumpsuit by Cameo from the Infinite Wardrobe

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