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New and Improved: Say Hello to our Rewards Programme!

We’ve been working on something big and we can’t wait to share.

We first launched in 2016 with a Style Stars loyalty programme for our rental subscribers, but we knew that your relationship with your fashion rental membership needed to grow to gain more perks and unlock total fashion freedom.

We reviewed our Style Stars and found several opportunities to offer more to our members throughout their journey with us; whether you joined Style Theory to rent for work or wanted to enjoy the convenience of never-repeating-an-outfit with our event wear, we got your back. We’ve interviewed many and heard from thousands from our community on your favourite aspects of Style Stars and what else you wanted to see.

So without further ado, here is one of our biggest reveals of the year: [drumroll] Say hello to the Style Theory Rewards!

Our new Rewards Programme was designed for our members and aimed to make renting and supporting sustainable fashion that much easier—without even trying. You can take our word for it!

Getting Started

With 3x more ways to earn and 4x more ways to redeem their Points, this is our way of saying thanks for joining our sustainable movement for the past 5 years!

You automatically start earning Points when you join any of our subscription plans.

With Style Theory Singapore, we have 5 Plans for you:

  • Rent Apparel:
    • Capsule Plan: Rent 2 boxes/month, 3 pieces/box, one box at a time.
    • Essentials Plan: Rent 3 boxes/month, 3 pieces/box, one box at a time.
    • Ultimate Plan: Rent 4 boxes/month, 3 pieces/box, one box at a time.
  • Rent Bags:
    • Core Plan: Rent 1 bag/month, one at a time.
    • Pro Plan: Rent 2 bags/month, obe at a time.

For all rental plans, you can:

    • Instant swap – return and receive your next box all at once
    • Roll over unused boxes for up to 6 months
    • Pause or cancel anytime
    • Happiness guaranteed – not happy with your first box? We’ll send a new one on us, no questions asked.

Start Earning

With the new Rewards Programme, we’ve unlocked the highly-requested favourites and will roll out more for the rest of the year.

Earn Effort level: None
  • Welcome Points: From 15 April—when you take the first step to a more sustainable fashion lifestyle, we want to celebrate your choice to try with a little thank you gift from us
  • Monthly Membership Points: It rewards to subscribe—and we don’t just mean the great outfits. We offer our members Points every month for simply staying subscribed. Earn 1 Point for every dollar spent!
    • — that’s 129 points for the Unlimited $129 plan.
    • Self-Collect or Return: Choose to return or collect* your order at our drop-off partner locations to earn Points and reduce your carbon impact. 

Earn Effort level: So easy, with your eyes closed
  • Wishlist Points: Imagine hearting the first 50 bags or 100 apparel that caught your eye AND getting Points for that? It’s that easy to earn Points to get ahead.
    • Tip: We browse on the regular to add to the wishlist, and when we have an open box, we rent direct from the wishlist. Time saved!
  • Return Hot Bags Early Points: Hot bags, or our most popular styles, are always in demand. We encourage you to access more styles by returning Hot Bags early and redeem your bonus Points for an extra quota. Rent +1 more bag style* that month.
    *Terms and Conditions apply

 Start Redeeming

What to do with all that Points that you’ve accumulated?

Redeeming your Points for rewards is easy:

  1. Launch our app
  2. Go to Profile > Rewards Programme > Select Drop down: See how to redeem my Points > Select the Rewards you want from the list
Redeem Points for cash savings:
  • Enjoy a discount off your membership fees: Yay, big savings off your next bill.
  • Enjoy a discount off your bag premium upcharge: Desire to try that Dior or Chanel bag? Now you can do it without the extra fees when you use your Points.
Redeem Points for a membership boost:

  • Enjoy an extra apparel piece in your next box: More pieces to love!
  • Enjoy an extra box quota for the month: Enjoy an extra 3 apparel pieces or 1 bag, especially if you’re on a fixed box plan.
  • Reserve your next bag: Want to rent your eye candy next? Redeem your Points to reserve the bag within 48 hours from when it’s available.
Redeem Points with our Sustainability Partners
  • Contribute Points equivalent to cash credit to sustainability causes:
    With our Sustainability Partners:

    • Seven Clean Seas: Clean our seas of plastic through SCS’s plastic collection and recycling initiatives in Indonesia
    • One Tree Planted: Contribute to reforestation efforts in Indonesia

Try our Rewards Programme–it’s now more rewarding than ever before. Check your Points in the app!

Popular questions

Where did my Style Stars go?

With the new Programme, Style Stars are no longer available to earn or redeem. But don’t worry, we’ve already converted your Stars to Points based on the previous Style Stars award criteria and values, as well as factoring in the history and usage of our members. You should see the changes in your account!

Do Points expire?

Unfortunately, they do. However, they don’t expire unless you don’t use them after a year, or unsubscribe.

For active subscribers: All new Points are valid for 1 year from date of issue. Even on pause, your Points earned do not expire prematurely (before its one-year validity). However, you do not earn new stars when you are on pause. If you choose to unsubscribe, the Points you accumulated will expire 2 months after the date you unsubscribe.

Can I cash out my Points?

Our Points are part of our membership Rewards programme and do not carry cash value for exchange. We do offer a redemption Reward where you can use your Points for a waiver of your subscription fees! Terms and conditions apply.

 In the works

With the new Rewards Programme, you’ll see an update to your Point transactions, and quicker ways to use your Points. No hassle, no downtime.

Growing our sustainability efforts starts with our business ideas and products, but ultimately, it’s because of our members that we are able to build a product you can’t help but love. We hope you love our service and the new Rewards Programme as much as we do.

We’re working on enhancing your experience every day! Tell us what you’ll love to see either through Instagram (@styletheorysg) or leave a comment below.

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