Quiz: What Kind Of Thrifter Are You?

A once stigmatised necessity for some, thrifting,  a.k.a. secondhand shopping, is quickly becoming one of fashion’s most talked-about trends in Southeast Asia. With an array of options, both online and within traditional brick-and-mortar stores, fashion lovers can now shop preloved as easily as they’ve always shopped new.

For many shoppers, the idea of thrifting is grander than bargain-basement prices — imagine a treasure hunt that presented the greatest sartorial reward of all! How you thrift says a lot about you, too —  do you seek out steals and good deals, or do you believe in buying with purpose? 

Take our quiz below to find out what kind of thrifter you are and how to thrift shop like a boss, or read all about each thrifting personality here.

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If you’re the Savvy Saver


Your thrift personality keywords:
Saving, cost, discount, budget, value, bargain

Your thrift superpowers:
Stretching a penny into a dollar. You have a keen eye for value and find no greater thrill than getting the best deal. You know where to find them and you will get them.

How to thrift shop like a boss:
Use our Cost-Per-Wear calculator. By dividing the total cost of your item by the number of times you’re likely to wear it, you’ll be able to tell if it makes better financial sense to buy, or rent instead!

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If you’re the Pragmatist


Your thrift personality words:
Classic, control, conventional, evergreen, necessity

Your thrift superpowers:
Being super intentional about what you buy. You don’t make a budget, because you know you never need one. You always buy exactly what you need, what will last a long time, and what makes sense for your wardrobe.

How to thrift shop like a boss:
Shop with a plan. Knowing what you want is the key to success for any kind of shopping experience. Knowing what you actually need and then looking specifically for that will save you time and energy.

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If you’re the Environmentalist


Your thrift personality words:
Sustainable, environment, recycle, eco-conscious

Your thrift superpowers:
A higher consciousness behind the “why” of thrifting. You realize that for each item you purchase, you’re pulling your dollar away from the fast fashion industry, and giving a second lease of life to every piece.

How to thrift shop like a boss:
Check the condition labels. Scoring like-new items will ensure you purchase items with longevity and sustainability in mind. After all, the longer the life cycle of an item is extended, the more you can help to curb demand for new clothes, which require new resources to make.

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If you’re the Shopaholic


Your thrift personality words:
Maximalist, spend, impulse, therapy

Your thrift superpowers:
Shopping is therapy and thrifting is your heaven. Therefore, no finds are ever left behind. You hit the store multiple times a week and you spread the thrift love simply by the number of items you buy. The good news? Thrifting is guilt-free!

How to thrift shop like a boss:
Follow the “one in, one out” rule. One of the most important things to remember when thrifting is to be conscious of how many items you’re accumulating. For every item you purchase, you should either sell or donate an item you currently own. This is a great way to stay mindful of what you’re actually adding to your wardrobe!

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If you’re the Treasure Hunter


Your thrift personality words:
Designer, label, finds, gems, treasure, hunt

Your thrift superpowers:
Finding the rarest of designer styles in the sea of preloved goodies! You look like a million dollars but your outfit costs less than $50. You match high fashion with your finds effortlessly — please teach us your ways!

How to thrift shop like a boss:
Drop in regularly. When you do regular but quick check-ins on your favourite resale platform, you’re more likely to find the gold hidden within. Look out for any weekly new drops announcement!

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So, now you know: thrifting is an art form. There’s nothing quite like tracking down those unique and one-of-a-kind pieces to curate a wardrobe unlike anyone else’s. Now it’s time to get out there and enjoy the hunt! 

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