Project House Clean Up: 4 Tips on Giving Your Home an Organisational Makeover

Having a well-organised space can make a day-to-night difference in how it looks and feels for your daily activities. Fortunately, we’re here to give you some of our well-kept tips and tricks to declutter, edit, and curate for a renewed feel. 

Tip 1: Set aside time and create a schedule 

Our number one tip is to give yourself a realistic timeframe for the project, there’s nothing more stressful and demotivating than not being able to finish the project in time because you gave yourself too little time. Getting organized doesn’t happen overnight and it takes longer than most people initially think. Our recommendation would be to give yourself a month to give your home a complete organizational makeover, which leaves enough room for some procrastination and error which we know would likely happen! 

Tip 2: Break it down to realistic goals 

Seeing the project as a whole might be overwhelming, we suggest working on one section of the room each day. You can even go as far as separating sections of your room with a large plus sign over the room with painter’s tape! Declutter, clean, and organize only the designated areas each day, and at the end of 4 days, you will have a well-organized room. Splitting the room into small to-dos can eliminate the overwhelming feeling. Don’t forget to be consistent with your schedule. 

Tip 3: Envision your dream space and work from there

Taking notes from Marie Kondo, The first step of the tidying method is to imagine your ideal lifestyle. Over the last year, the home has now become an office, daycare, and everything, so you might want to reimagine and reconsider what kind of house you want to live in. Keep the items that spark joy, and get rid of ones that don’t to avoid clutter. 

Tip 4: Don’t forget the closet! 

The closet might be the area that we all dread the most, we get it, it’s hard to say goodbye to a well-loved piece of clothing, even when we don’t get to wear them often, if at all. Check out Drea Chong took on the Style Theory’s Wardrobe Decluttering Challenge and get some inspiration to clean up your mess!

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