5 Productivity Hacks for a Better Work-Life Balance

The happiness and relief that comes from finally settling down on the couch after a long day of work is something that would resonate with most people. Having nothing on your mind except the latest Netflix obsession is truly a luxury. More often, even more so now with work-from-home orders, we tend to overwork. But why? It could be the un-productivity in the day that leads to work being piled up, or simply less management of your time that leads to unhealthy work-life unbalance.

Sometimes we feel bad for having to push our to-dos to the next day we end up prioritising work more than our own personal life — where’s the self-care in that? However, it doesn’t always have to be like that, weekends should never be for additional work. To end your day well, you just have to start it well! It is important to keep your day in check and you’ll find yourself enjoying more time to your personal life after work hours. Even Jaime, founder of Paper Bunny and a mother of one, sometimes struggles to juggle between work and family. But she manages to find productive ways to ensure her work-life balance is achieved. 

productivity hacks

“When I get to work, I make it a point to connect with my team, on their personal lives as well as on work matters. On most days when I’m in the studio working out issues and having discussions with the team. At the end of the work day, I’m usually home to settle dinner and put Jonah to bed. I make it a point to be there most days, to catch up with friends or support initiatives in the evenings once a week or two.” – Jaime 

Here are 5 productivity hacks that you can adopt for a better work-life balance:

1. Spend quiet time in the mornings to centre yourself

Most workaholics will find themselves guilty of checking work emails and messages first thing in the morning. But as important as they are, they can wait till you’ve step into office or have your official hours start. 

“I have a quiet spot for myself, which I treasure very much. It is where I get ready and prepare my head and heart for the day ahead.” – Jaime 

Starting your day immediately with work will not only tire you out, it blurs the boundaries between work and your personal life. Not much of a productivity hack, but a habit to nurture. Use these quiet mornings are time to yourself to mentally prepare for the day ahead.

If you’re not much of a morning person, check out these routines to help boost morning productivity!

2. Exercise in the morning

productivity hacks

“I’ve recently worked on making a conscious effort to change into my exercise wear and lay on the mat — and since I’m already ready for a workout, I might as well do one.” – Jaime

For a long time, I could never understand how my friends could wake up in the morning for runs or spinning classes. That’s until I started a morning routine myself! There isn’t a need for anything extensive — a light workout in the morning can help to boost your energy and endorphin levels. That’s enough to keep you feeling energetic throughout the day and thus adding to your productivity levels in an otherwise sedentary office environment. 

3. Make to-do lists

productivity hacks

Having this list actually helps keep track of which project or item has priority. It is a neater way of managing your work. 

A to-do strategy to help set your daily priorities is the 1-3-5 rule. You list down one big task, three medium tasks and five small tasks for the day. That way you’re able to put in more time to finish your one big task! While at the same time not neglecting your day-to-day project needs. 

Some people swear by the pen and paper, but you can also download a to-do list application on your phone if you’re more of a digital person. Here are some apps every modern woman should!

4. Master your productivity tools

Besides to-do list, you should always work with what you have to make the best out of your productivity hacks. Invest and master your productivity tools, there are always ways to help improve and manage your productivity. 

“I rely on the Grab app, Wunderlist for to-dos and my calendar app to help me manage my day.” – Jaime

And yes with the advent of fashion tech apps, you can easily make your shopping purchase online. So with apps like Style Theory, you can make dressing up even more time- and money-efficient as well! 

“No washing, dry-cleaning required. And I get new clothes every few weeks without having to step out to shop. It saves so much time and energy!” – Jaime

5. Make time for loved ones

As tempting as it can be to bring work home, try your best to leave your work at the office — especially during the weekends. Spending quality time with your loved ones after a work week doesn’t just help to maintain your relationship with them — it gives you a much-needed mental break from work. It is beneficial to take breaks now and then to prevent burnout. Allow yourself to compartmentalise and recharge for the new workweek or work day ahead. 

Even if you’re a girl boss like Jaime, always prioritise your loved ones first. 

productivity hacks

“I work at night and only after our son goes to bed, to make sure I am always available for my team. You’ll always find time for what you deem important, so I always try to make time for my family, my team and my work in the day.” – Jaime

As important as work is to you, try these tips to ensure there’s good balance in your work and personal life. With some productivity hacks in place, you can be sure to maximise your day for work, and still enjoy time with family, loved ones, and even yourself. 

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