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PFW: Suits For Every Style

“Suits are only for men,” said no one, ever. If you’re thinking twice about rocking a suited outfit because you’re afraid it might be too boyish– don’t! Suits are for everyone and there’s a look for every style. Feminine styles are also offered to soften that edginess and masculinity. 

One of the most important aspects of every suit is the blazer. While suit trousers are easy to pick, nothing changes the look of a suit like a blazer does! So, how can you find a blazer that’s both fitting for your style and completes your suited-look? 

Whatever your style is — feminine, glamorous, casual, or you simply want to power dress for the boardroom, here are the 4 types of blazers for each style:

#1. Feminine

Of course, many would try for a feminine blazer to soften that masculine look that suits might have. 

So if you’re aiming to find one, look out for tailored, waist-cinching fits and little to no padded-shoulders for a softer look. This blue blazer from Keepsake has a tie-waist design as well as low neckline that helps to bring out the femininity of the blazer. 

#2. Power Dressing

On the other end of the spectrum is the power blazer.  A slightly more masculine fit helps put together the strong and bold look you’re going for. 

Though it’s slightly fitting around the waist – a double breasted jacket reflects a professional formality. . Keeping the colours neutral is important as lighter or softer colours would not reflect that power suit look you’re aiming for. 

#3. Glamorous 

Glamorous blazers often have features that are exaggerated. If you’re looking to stand out or make a statement, you can look out for such blazers to drive up the look. 

Unconventional blazers like these usually stand out from the rest. Try picking blazers with interesting features–sleeves, buttons or even materials. 

We love this bell-sleeved blazers as they’re great for a glam and feminine finish! 

#4. Casual 

It is always good to keep a light-weight and neutral blazer for a casual day out. Just for the ‘gram!

Casual blazers come in many forms, and a lengthy one like this is great as a casual outerwear on a weekend date or movie outing! Pair it with shorts and a simple camisole and you’re good to go. Keep the blazers light-weight and thin on hotter days, while on colder days, you can afford a thicker material. 

Here you go, a simple and quick guide on blazers for all styles. Now get ready, suit up and hit the streets!

If you’re unsure of what blazers would fit you, you can always rent and try before committing to owning any blazer. 

Check out our top picks for suits and blazers:

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