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PFW: Less is More with Minimal Bags

This Fashion Week season, we’ve covered colours, statements and flamboyant looks. But when it comes to minimalism, the French do it the best. Strongly believing in the idea of less is more, bags with little details and neutral tones can actually set the look you’re going for. As little detail as a bag can carry, you’ll find this feature a plus point when you need a simple bag to match with. 

We’re all for maximalism, nothing wrong with that, but understated and subtle look is all the more sophisticated. If you’re someone who isn’t drawn to the loud and flashy statement bags, here’s a couple of our favourite minimal bags that we’re sure you’d love to wear.

#1. Fendi Kan I

Fendi Kan I comes in a few colours, but this one in maya colour sets the tone for what a minimal bag can be. A simple logo, a solid colour, as well as a smooth leather finish keeps the look simple. Yet, it’s so strong it speaks for itself. 

It’s a size that I personally love as well– compact and easy to have on. We love this bag for its colour and structural shape which is great when paired with a dainty white dress. But if dresses aren’t for you, white or beige pants would fit the bill too. 

#2. Burberry Grace


Doing away with their signature tartan pattern, the bag received attention for the clean lines and little details. Honestly, there’s not much that could go wrong with wearing a bag this simple. With proper pairing of a pantsuit, this bag could take any look or style up a notch. 

If you’re looking for something even simpler than Fendi Kan I, the Burberry Grace might be ideal. Though slightly larger than the Kan I, its details on the bag makes it one of the most minimal bags ever designed by Burberry. 

#3. Dior Cannage Mini Bag

The Dior Cannage Mini is everything you need if minimal and clean is what you want to achieve for a casual weekend or a simple date night. 

It’s feminine, chic and so pretty in grey. Finished with a little of Dior’s unique pattern and simple charms, yet still fits the minimum you’re gunning for. Keep in mind, though, that it is a little small and would only fit the bare essentials — phone, small wallet and a lippie for touch up. But that’s pretty much what you’ll need on a date!

#4. Gucci GG Messenger Bag

If light tones aren’t the minimal look you’re looking for, a sleek black bag we recommend trying is the Gucci GG Messenger. It’s slightly larger than the rest, but keeps its understated appeal.

Sleek with clean lines, and perfect for work or an important meeting, it’s no wonder that most people take on the minimal style when dressing for business.. We love this bag for its size and structure — sturdy and roomy enough to fit you work essentials. 

If you aren’t sure what minimal bags you’re looking to have, or if minimal is even your style, you can try renting with Style Theory Bags before committing to owning one! 

Here’s our top picks for minimal bags:

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