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Quiz: What’s The Perfect Denim Cut For You?

When you look at the worldwide appeal of denim jeans today, it’s hard to imagine that this ubiquitous item in almost everyone’s wardrobe was first invented in the late 18th century for miners and labourers. Spanning across decades of fashion eras, the classic pair of blue jeans has gone through countless iterations of cuts, rises, and washes. While styling jeans with our favourite crop tops or white shirts can be our effortless go-to, the crux of denim dressing is finding the perfect pair that fits just right

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the different styles available, and finding the perfect cut for your body can be all the more frustrating if you aren’t sure what body shape you are. But once you decide to invest in a quality pair that fits you like a glove, you’ll be happy to know that it can last you for at least a decade!

So before you go pairing your jeans with our curation of pretty white tops or colourful jackets, take our quiz to find out which style of jeans is most flattering for your body shape!

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Mostly As – High-waist Ankle Grazers  

You find it difficult balancing out your body proportions when it comes to wearing jeans. So rather than trying, you often stick with what’s comfortable like dresses to elongate your look. Go for high-waisted skinnies to shift the emphasis to your legs. High-waist styles with ankle grazers are also great for creating an elongated silhouetted while balancing out your lengthy torso. 

Mostly Bs – Low-waist hip-huggers 

You rarely wear jeans because there’s a real struggle with finding a comfortable one that does not make your body look short. Stay clear of high-waist jeans if you’ve been doing so and switch it up with low waist hip-huggers. It helps to create the illusion of a longer torso and balances out your body proportions. 

Mostly Cs – High-waist Jeans 

You’ve been working out but you’re not getting that athletic toned shape you want. You should opt for a pair that’s comfortable and at the same time, helpful—it should give your butt a little lift. You can definitely opt for a high-waisted pair for a booty-lifting look. You can also try high-waisted jeans with large pockets on the back!

Mostly Ds – Mid-waist Stretch Jeans

You’re curvy and you should flaunt it! What you want is a pair that flatters your curves and not have a squeeze to your waist–no muffin tops! A pair of mid-waist stretch jeans sits comfortably around your waist and thighs, yet still shows off your curves!

Mostly Es – High-waist Bootcut

Are your jeans always fitting on your thighs and hips, but loose on your waist? We know that struggle. The perfect balance is all about flattering your waist — a pair in a stretch material with a slightly higher waistline will help improve the fit for both your hips and waist. Try a bootcut denim to balance out your wider hips or thighs. 

Now that you know what may fit you and how to flatter your body shape, venture and try the different denim cuts – all you need is one or two good pairs. 

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