New and Improved: Follow our Delivery Turnaround Cheat Sheet to Get the Most Out of Your Subscription

Always wanted to get the most out of your Style Theory Unlimited subscription?

We asked our pro subscribers to share three quick tips on how to try more styles from the Infinite Wardrobe within one month.

1. Schedule your pick-ups and returns well

It’s always about making the most of your time when the box is not with you. That’s when you make returns, or when you’re waiting for your box to arrive.

With more drop-off locations available, getting the most out of your subscription with improved turnaround time is easier.

We found it easier to follow our Cheat Sheet Guide to renting more styles a month or the best timings for your renting lifestyle and habits:

pick up location

2. Wishlist as much as you can for quicker renting

Browsing from 25,000+ designer clothes isn’t a quick or easy fit! Utilise the wishlist collections to curate personal picks and save time when it comes to renting crunch time aka when your box is ready to add available styles! We like building wishlist collections of our favourite designers or upcoming occasions.

Some recommendations are:

  • Rent & Learn: Create a wishlist of your favourite designer with styles and cuts that fit you best
  • Plan Ahead: Curate styles you’d wear for upcoming events so you can add to box when the occasion arises!
  • Travel-friendly: Find styles that make the great destination #OOTDs for your next wanderlust trip.
  • Push the boundaries: Explore new styles you want to try as part of your unlimited subscription.

3. Rely on the size recommendations for less disappointment

We know the feeling when your newly delivered clothes fit you perfectly. Recreate that satisfaction for every box when you rely on our proprietary in-app fit algorithm to give you size recommendations.


  1. Measure your bust, waist, hip
  2. Input your measurements, including your height and weight into Your Style Profile
  3. Browse by your measurements so you see only available styles that fit you
  4. Trust the size recommendation score to find the next perfect styles

Get the most out of your subscription when you try the tips and comment to let us know if you have more tips for other #WomenOfStyleTheory!


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