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5 Ways To Style Your Simple White T-Shirt

Every wardrobe begins with the essentials, and nothing is more essential than a simple white T-shirt to get you through any day of the week. While we have yet to meet another wardrobe piece as classic and versatile as a white T-shirt, sometimes we do feel like we run out of ways to style this classic piece with the wardrobe we have at home. We’re here to spark some inspiration on how you can add some flavour to the humble white T-shirt you have at home!

Feminine Bohemian

While a white t-shirt can get boring really fast, adding that pop of colour with a bohemian touch might be the answer to spicing up your look. White t-shirts look pretty plain on their own, which makes them the perfect counterpoint to balance out a statement flared skirt and a bright pair of kitten heels. To stop your outfit from looking too crowded, keep your accessories simple; a pair of earrings is an effortless addition to this ensemble. 

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Creative Meets Professional

When it comes to looking professional, a casual white T-shirt might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But with the right pair of blazer and trousers, it can turn into your new office staple. Experiment with bright coloured trousers to add some fun to your professional look, only to dial it back up again by adding a formal blazer and stilettos into the mix. Adding a bright colour to your look makes for a more laid-back take on officewear. Whether you’re dressing for an online business meeting or a day at the office, this look will make sure that you feel polished without feeling too stuffy.

Parisian Chic

Who would’ve thought that layering your closet staple with a denim dress can be the answer to elevating your T-shirt? While you can’t exactly hop off a plane to the City of Love right this second, you can certainly soak in the Parisian vibes with your outfit. Nothing screams Parisian chic more than a beret paired with a classic pair of black kitten heels.


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Monochrome Sleek

While a white T-shirt might not be the obvious choice for a sophisticated and sleek ensemble, with the versatility of this closet staple, it’s a fail-safe choice. Paired with flared trousers and an elegant tweed jacket, this look strikes the right balance between effortless and sophisticated. Finish off the look with your staple pair black stilettos and you’re good to go! 

Weekender Escapades

With the stress of everyday life, a weekend away might be what you need to keep you from burning out. What better way to pack light than to bring a classic wardrobe staple; your trusted white T-shirt. While you can style this closet essential with everything else you packed, we suggest a look with an open-front skirt and kitten-heeled sandals for one of your adventures. And oh! Don’t forget the sunglasses! 

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