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New and Improved: Style Theory Apparel Subscription Plans

If there’s one key takeaway from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that change is life’s only constant, and even after the storm passes, many of our lifestyles will evolve. We’ve turned to remote working and learning, virtual happy hours, online shopping and digital fitness just to stay sane. 

The pandemic has also led many of us to focus on the essentials while cutting back on things we don’t immediately need — fast-fashion included.

At Style Theory, we’ve also emerged from this crisis with new ways of doing things — especially when it comes to fashion consumption. In our constant efforts to lead the charge in the renting revolution, we’re offering you more options to experience the Infinite Wardrobe for yourself. 

Introducing our new and improved subscription plans:

We’ve made improvements to our Starter plan, and introduced a new Basic plan–specially tailored to your ever-changing needs!

1. Improved Starter plan

Renting for special occasions and events? Curious and want to test our service for the first time? It has never been easier! If you’re taking baby steps into the renting lifestyle, you can now rent a box of three designer pieces of your choice at a permanently reduced price of $59/month

2. All-new Basic plan

Calling out to all value seekers! Looking to explore fresh new outfits for the weekends? This one’s for you. Hit the sweet spot with six outfits a month (receive three designer pieces in a box twice a month), all at a great price of $99/month. 

You love the idea of wearing more and owning less. Us too! 

So when it comes down to actually deciding on a subscription plan, it should be easy and fuss-free. Here’s a breakdown of all our subscription plans and find one that fits your needs best!

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Want to find out which is the right subscription plan for you? Take the quiz:

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With more options to join the renting revolution, it’s easier than ever to dress up with a vengeance in these unprecedented times, without blowing out your wallet! Conscious consumers can have it all and have it better! 

Join thousands in our #WomenOfStyleTheory community and be part of the circular fashion movement. Unlock full access to the Infinite Wardrobe today!

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