New and Improved: Style Stars-The Rewards Programme you deserve


It pays to subscribe to Style Theory and stay subscribed! From time to time, we love to show our subscribers some love. From exclusive invites to beauty and lifestyle events, to members-only workshops, we want our subscribers to unlock the rewards and perks they deserve.

What’s New: When You Rent

Since June 2018, we’ve been rewarding subscribers with 50 stars every month they stay on for. That means, whenever your billing cycle renews, your Style Theory account automatically receives +50 stars!

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Check your stars [Go to profile > style stars]

What’s New: When You Buy

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Get 1 Star for every $7 spent on Forever-Yours fashion pieces. Get rewarded when you rent what you like and buy what you love

What’s New: Redemption

  • Redeem 120 Stars to add a 4th item to your box: Spot something you like or travelling for the long weekend Treat yourself to an extra item in your next box when you unlock an extra slot with 120 stars.
  • Redeem 30 Stars to reserve a time slot for that express or last-min fashion rental emergency! (Coming Soon)

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