New and Improved: Size Recommendations

Size Recommendations

When it comes to finding the right outfit, size and fit matters. No, we’re not talking about proportions (we’ll save shoulder pads and peplum styles for another time). Instead, we’re focused on hugging the right curves and flaunting your favourite parts of your body.

In 2018, we developed our in-app size algorithm so you can find the perfect fit across 200+ designer labels. We know how frustrating it is when browsing in a multi-label boutique or departmental store, and that’s why we added sizing recommendations and a fit score combination that acts as your personal sizing assistant without the banter and sales talk.

Get ahead of owning your body shape and fit:

  1. Get measured!
  2. Input your measurements
  3. Turn on size recommendations
  4. Filter to show what’s in your available size
  5. Use the size recommendation and fit score to rent your next styles

We know our bodies are not cookie-cutters and we want to factor in your body shape and favourite assets.

1. Get Measured

When you visit Style Theory Capsule, our fashion assistants will help get you measured accurately and fill in your Fit Card. You can also reference our size guide video to learn how to measure your bust, waist, and hip at your own comfort.

2. Input your measurements

We need your vital statistics to accurately provide recommendations for you.

In the app,

i. Select “Profile”

ii. Select “Style Profile

iii. Input your

  • bust (in cm or in)
  • waist (in cm or in)
  • hips (in cm or in)
  • height (in cm or in)
  • weight (in kg or lbs)

3. Turn on size recommendations

We will recommend your best available size for each style, based on your measurements!

In the app,

i. Select “Profile”

ii. Select “Settings”

iii. Turn on Size recommendations

4. Filter to show what’s in your available size

Spend less time going through 20,000+ styles by browsing with our smart filters. Browse by what’s available in your size. in between sizes? No worries. Our smart filters suggest styles according to your measurements and not by size labels, so you only see what is available and fits you well.

5. Use the size recommendation and fit score to rent your next styles

Fit Score

In between sizes? Rely on the Fit score to rent the best fit from your favourite designers. It’ll be useful to check out your measurements against the measurements table if you’re unsure if you should size up or down for a particular style.

Smart Filters

Love to show off your legs? Or want cover up more for a more formal event?

  • Browse by hemline: short, medium, long

Want to show off your new necklace or need more coverage?

  • Browse by neckline type: high for more coverage, medium for normal coverage and flaunt necklaces and collarbones, low for cleavage

We want you to rent every style you like for any occasion, without the worry of fit and size.

Want to browse the assortment? Download the app and view


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