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New and Improved: Lock & Go

We know that our delivery option may be a struggle our apparel subscribers who aren’t always home to receive their Style Theory box. Picking it up is also just as much of a chore. We’ve heard you, and we’re working to make your collection experience even better.

Introducing our new and improved delivery feature: Lock&Go. 

Style Theory is pushing towards a more secure and efficient delivery option for our apparel subscribers! This new and complimentary service ensures you’ll never miss your home deliveries or go through the hassle of picking it up in the midst of a jam-packed schedule. With Lock&Go, you no longer have to be home to receive or return your box. It’s secure and an option for unattended home deliveries. 

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We launched our Lock&Go service as part of our continuous effort to be accountable for our impact on the environment.. With the idea of less missed and rescheduled deliveries, our drivers travel more efficiently, and reduces our carbon footprint and diesel usage!

It’s great and more sustainable, but how does it work? 

For your first delivery using Lock&Go:

1. Upon scheduling your WOW courier delivery, select your residential type. 

Residential type:

  • HDB: Lock&Go best serves HDB addresses with gates that are sheltered and not exposed to the elements of rain and direct sun. 
  • Condominium: Restricted access at condominiums affects our Lock&Go delivery service with security clearance. Lock&Go service is still available for condominium addresses.
  •  Landed Property: Lock&Go packages should not be exposed to the elements of rain and direct sun, which are common issues of outdoor gates at landed properties. Lock&Go service is still available for landed property addresses

2. Enable the Lock&Go service on the app.

3. Tell us where you want to lock the tote bag in the notes – by default the tote bag will be locked to your gate or visible structure. Our WOW courier would deliver and lock your package accordingly.

4. Return home to see your package securely fastened to your gate! 

5. To unlock, simply scroll the dial to the unique passcode issued – the last 3 digits of your phone number.

On your return delivery:

1.Schedule a WOW courier collection.

2. Fasten your tote with your package in it to your gate with the Style Theory lock (received when you schedule your first Lock&Go delivery service).

3. Secure using unique passcode issued – the last 3 digits of you phone number.

4. Upon collection, your Lock&Go lock and bag remain by your gate. Do keep your lock and bag for your next delivery.

From your second delivery onwards, you can simply schedule a WOW delivery and secure your Lock&Go bag to your gate before 10am on the date of scheduled delivery. 

Do note that the WOW courier would deliver between 10am – 10pm on your chosen delivery date. 

Want to opt out of the Lock&Go service?

Simply click on the ‘request take out button in the app on your next return order. Our courier will then pick up the Lock&Go bag during the collection!  

You may email for assistance and general queries.

Chat with our Customer Experience Specialists in-app or on our live-chat box on the website!

They are available from Monday to Saturday 10 AM to 7 PM SGT, except Public Holidays!

Experience true fashion freedom with hassle-free home deliveries and returns for your apparel subscription now! 

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