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New and Improved: Change Your Plan Anytime!

When it comes to being a subscriber at Style Theory, we know how important it is for quick and efficient service. If you find it a hassle to upgrade your plans or pause your subscription when you’re jet-setting off on vacation, we’ve just made it easier for you!

Introducing our latest in-app feature: 

You can now change your plan anytime. The new feature on the app allows you to upgrade and downgrade your plan easily. All it takes is a few clicks and you’ll be on your desired subscription plan. 

Style Theory Subscription plans start from Starter, Unlimited, to Pro! So if you’re not sure which is the plan for you, read here to find out more.

Here’s how you can manage your subscription:

Go to Profile tab on the navigation bar

Go to Subscription Details

Select Manage under Subscription Plan

Change or upgrade your subscription to your desired plan anytime!

All subscribers are entitled to pause credits! Unlike most subscription plans, Style Theory gives you the chance to pause your subscription anytime you like. Pause credits come in the form of days, which you can redeem to pause your subscription with. This means that 15 pause credits would allow you to pause your subscription for 15 days.

Every regular subscriber gets a 30-day pause credit in the first month and an additional 7 days for every month subscribed. 

At any point in time, you may pause your subscription for a minimum of 15 days, and up to a maximum of 60 days. 

After pausing your subscription, your amount of pause credits will be deducted based on the length of your pause period.


We get that sustainability is an important factor, and that’s what Style Theory is aiming to deliver on. So if you’re looking to continue your sustainable lifestyle with Style Theory for the long run, sign up for a long-term subscription plan with us to save even more money. You can easily opt for these plans on the app.

There are currently two long-term plans we have available on the app:

For Style Theory Unlimited apparel subscription:

  1. 6 Month Savings Plan:
    • S$690 for half-yearly plan, S$115 per month 
    • Total of S$84 savings for six months 
  2. 12 Month Savings Plan:
    • S$1,188 for yearly plan, S$99 per month
    • Total of S$360 savings a year

For Style Theory Pro apparel subscription:

  1. 6 Month Savings Plan:
    • S$1,014 for half-yearly plan, S$169 per month 
    • Total of $60 savings for six months 
  2. 12 Month Savings Plan:
    • S$1,788 for yearly plan, S$149 per month
    • Total of $360 savings a year

All other features still apply with the long-term savings subscription plan, including your pause credits! If you’re headed for a holiday or if you need to pause your subscription for some reason, you’re entitled to 60 and 90 days pause credit for the 6-month and 12-month savings plans respectively.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re not yet a subscriber, try out our plans. If you’ve been a loyal subscriber, try out the savings plan to save you more –  besides, you’ll get rewarded with Style Stars on top of your regular 50 stars a month! With every 120 stars earned, you get to redeem an additional piece for your box. 

Read more on the Style Theory App now!

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