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New and Improved: Build Your Wishlist Collections



Finding the right styles can be an arduous task when going through 20,000 designer pieces from the Infinite Wardrobe. We feel you. It’s hard to stay on course to rent the best styles with all the newly launched styles and exciting curations. We asked our Marketing team on how Style Theory’s App latest feature: Wishlist Collections help them rent like a pro and get the most out of their subscription!

1. Create your own occasions and collections

I like to browse for an upcoming occasion. If I have an important meeting or special date, I pick from Style Theory my new pieces.

Popular occasions: Weekend Love, Girls’ Night Out, Cold Weather Travel

2. Sort by trending details

I like to add to my wishlist different dresses but I tend to forget about the filters. What helps is pre-curating them when I’m commuting so when I’m ready to rent them, it only takes me three simple clicks.

Popular details: Asymmetric hemlines, V-neck, High neck collars

3. Be Colour-inspired

It’s almost therapeutic to sort my favourite styles by colours so I can rent from the WIshlist Collections and corresponding colour, according to my mood of that day.

Popular colour-inspired wishlists: Black is Always The New Black, White on White, 50 Shades of Green

If you love organization and fuss-free renting, you’ll love the Wishlist Collections feature!

  1. Simply tap on the heart and add your item to a wishlist collection. Can’t find a wishlist collection you like? Create one!
  2. To remove an item from your wishlist collection, simply tap on the “coloured heart” and uncheck the wishlist collection it’s in.

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Have fun with the Wishlist Collections whenever you’re on-the-go!


[geot_filter region=”sg” country=”SG” ]

Have fun with the Wishlist Collections whenever you’re on-the-go!


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