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Style Decoded: Monochrome Trend

Monochrome Decoded – 1

Take on monochrome twinning if you know how to work the colour play in your favour

Monochrome is more than just a trend or a easy way to cast colourful palettes. In fact, it is one of the best ways to work in an array of shades. Before we dive into picking out the perfect monochrome outfit, we first have to decode what monochrome actually is.

We often have the misconception that monochrome is a match of black, white and grey colours. While not completely false, there are actually more than one colour scale to play with.

Monochrome is made out of two parts, ‘mono’ and ‘chrome’, which essentially means single colour. The key to creating a well-balanced monochromatic look is one colour and different shades.

Monochrome Decoded-3


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The joy of it, is that you’re able to pick out and wear different shades or tints! So it’s entirely up to your creativity and your mood of the day.

Monochromatic outfits often display bold colours and it can be seen as a form of confidence. Not everyone is able to do a good job with putting the pieces in a monochrome outfit together, but if you can achieve that, you’ll be rocking the look.

Picking the right colours will compliment your skin colour, as well as body shape. Talk about fit and flatter! We’ll be looking at monochromatic work outfits that will make your look greater than yesterday’s.

Monochromatic Outfits You’d Love To Achieve:

#1. Blue

The first of all colours we chose is blue with it being a rather easy colour to play around with. For this look, we recommend moving from a darker to a lighter shade.

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Layering a dark blue jumpsuit with a lighter shade blazer helps soften the harshness of the blue. The variation in shades will allow each piece to stand out and at the same time prevent the colours from looking too chunky.

To complete and brighten up the set, we picked a royal blue Saint Laurent’s Small Cabas. Alternatively, if you’re already wearing lighter shades of blue like a light blue camisole or pastle blue culottes, create balance by picking a darker shade of blue for your outerwear-of-choice.

#2. Green

Green is one of the most beautiful colours to perk up any mood and stay pleasing to the eye. However, with a colour that is so rich, we’d avoid layering too much or it’ll look overwhelming.



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You can choose to keep the look casual or dress savvy with less layers by going for a darker shade of green. The dress on its own can give off quite a strong look thus you should avoid any bag that’s too loud or it might overpower the dress instead of complimenting it. Going for a simple bag, like the Celine Medium Edge Bag that’s of a lighter shade with a slight texture would be fitting for the look.

#3. Pink

Much like the chick-flick that we all love–Wednesdays are saved for pink outfits! Pink is a naturally soft colour that embraces femininity.

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If you’re looking to avoid too girly of a look in pink, we recommend pairing light pink pants with a bright blouse for a cheery yet strong look. Toughen up the look with a simple, chic nude-pink blazer.

Nothing adds final touches like a bag does. A nude-pink shoulder bag or satchel bag can complete the look. Opting for a darker shade of pink for the bag would be ideal if your outfits are of lighter shades as well.

#4. Brown

There are common misconceptions that brown is tacky and people tend to avoid wearing it. But while finding colours to create monochromatic colours, I assure you brown–and shades of nude–are great and one of my favourites to work with.


From the Infinite Wardrobe: A-LINE WRAP DRESS by KAREN MILLEN

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There are many ways you can pick for its shades and one mistake some might make is choosing a shade that is almost yellow.

It is important to pick out shades that fall within the same colour and keep it simple. We recommend going for a simple brown crew collar dress and a patterned brown bag like the Burberry House Check Bag for that extra oompf.

#5. Red

No colour screams fierce and sexy as well as red does, though red can sometimes be overwhelming when worn in a monochromatic style. The key to succeed wearing red monochrome is keep it calm and sleek. Minimal patterns and strong shades is the way to go.

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To achieve the classy red look, you can opt for co-ords rather than a dress. Wearing a one-piece dress may come off too boring if it has only one shade. So we recommend matching a dark red or maroon pants with a blouse in a brighter shade. You can consider a top with texture or simple patterns over a plain one to appear less one-dimensional and boring.

If you have, pair it with a bag that’s a shade between the pants and the blouse. The colour flow will be wonderfully pleasing when put together.

#6. Yellow

A fun and cheerful colour to play with, we feel this is the perfect colour and outfit to have on Fridays! Yellow may seem like a gaudy monochrome to have on, but pick your outfit and bags well, and you’ll achieve a young and fresh look.



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Since it’s for Fridays, we recommend going for a collared playsuit that shouts both work and play at the same time. It’s one of the best outfits to be in when you head out for an afterwork dinner or date.

If your yellow playsuit or dress is going to be as light as the one shown, you can opt for a textured mustard yellow bag. The idea is to have a darker shade to compliment the lighter yellow shade that is on you. The contrasting tints will be complementary towards each other.

Key Points To Note:

  • Monochrome outfits are not limited to the greyscale
  • Use multiple shades of the colour in your look
  • Mix textures and patterns in your monochrome outfit for depth and dimension
  • Be bold in trying out shades of colours, it is okay to make mistakes at first


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Monochromatic outfits can be achieved with a little effort and understanding. This may be a simple step to gaining knowledge on how to wear monochrome on a daily basis.

Renting with Style Theory definitely gives you the chance to you try all colours and styles! So before you start rejecting the idea of monochrome, give a try to a colour or two.

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