How to Make The Most of a Small Space


Remote work can be fun — from working in your PJs to saving 15-minutes of putting on a full face of makeup, working from the comforts of your home is great news…until it’s mandated. 

Whether you’re working from a tiny desk or setting up on your couch, we want to offer a little help to get you out of impending rut of loneliness and to make your space better for your emotional health and productivity!

We asked our team members and Amanda Ling, a KonMari™ consultant-in-training, on how to organise and make the most of a small space:


With all things, Amanda’s tips on organising your living spaces starts with 3 simple steps:

1. Approach organising with a positive attitude


Imagine how it feels like to achieve your end goal after the cleanse. We like to do it in bite-sized efforts across a few days. Choose a room or area to start with. We’d say to start with your work area since that’ll be the place you spend the most time these days, working from home.

2. Start small


Do one thing at a time–sort your “organised mess” into piles: to be discarded, donated or recycled, and organised. For smaller important items like receipts and small jewellery, we’d like to stash it in a shallow bin to revisit after the sorting process. Watch how Drea Chong does it here.

We like to apply the Pomodoro Technique when it comes to organising your space. Use a timer to break down the detox process into intervals: 25 minutes at a time, separated by short 5-minute breaks. You’ll thank us later!

3. Understand your space


Before you invest in new storage solutions, maximise your wall and desk space by going vertical and utilising corners. Often, new containers or shelves end up adding to the clutter if underused.

Stack if you have to, since you want the most floor space you can get to feel better about your clutter-free space. Whether your “weapon-of-choice” is transparent containers or cabinet inserts, find the right storage after you know the size of your possessions.

You can easily make the most of your small space when you get smarter with it. Group like-sized items together to find the best storage solution, and for the items you forgot you even owned? Give it away or recycle it responsibly!

With all that, organising in a confined space can get overwhelming fast. Want to know Style Theory’s hacks? We… simply make it fun! 

  • Put on a fun playlist

  • Do it with friends by documenting your process on social!
  • Track how long you have to organise again and try to best your own record.
  • Take a photo of your items before you trash or donate it, for sentiment’s sake!

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