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We’ve got to admit it: personal style can be at times difficult to pin down. Some weeks you’re experimenting with statement colour-blocking, and other times you could be all menswear-inspired and suited up (in Singapore’s unforgiving humidity). It simply takes an hour at your Instagram feed to get all style inspired and switch up your style again.

The fear of commitment is real. That’s why we’d hate for you to get pinned down to one style archetype.

If you’ve joined the fashion rental revolution and want to try a new style without the commitment of compromising wardrobe space or spending more, consider edgy looks from Style Theory’s Infinite Wardrobe to add to your style arsenal.

Being edgy doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t be chic

You’ve seen the cool girls pull off tough edgy looks, and for Singapore’s climate, leather jackets might not be your best option. So how do you pull off edgy? One word: balance. Everything has to be balanced.

Want to wear a dressy skirt? Ground it with chunky-soled shoes.

Want to wear puffy-sleeved tops? Grab that straight cut pants and minimalist accessories too.

Need a desk sweater to combat the office AC? Biker or denim jackets ooze cool factor.

Here’s what our edgy style capsule wardrobe would look like. Minimalist lines, statement embellishments, simple prints, and just a heads up, you’ll see lots of blacks will be coming your way:

Belted styles

We Love: Long Trench Coat by NINE WEST
We Love: Haven Culotte Jumpsuit by GREYLIN
We Love: Contrast Stitching Open Front Pants by CISTAR
We Love: Show Me The Rings Pant by ASILIO
We Love: Wrapfront Cropped Wide-Leg Pants by ACHRO
We Love: Shale Trousers by WILD PONY

New-Glam Separates

We Love: First Impression Pant Black by CAMEO
We Love: Twisted Waistband Loose Fit Trousers by THE ONLY SON
We Love: Fusion Pant Ivory by BLESS’ED
bardot-check-wide-leg-pants-1 (1)
We Love: Check Wide Leg Pants by BARDOT
We Love: Elastic Waist Cropped Trousers by MIJEONG PARK

A-line skirts

We Love: Button Rap Skirt by KINDERSALMON
We Love: Open Front Midi Skirt by RAY & LUNA
massimo-dutti-denim-skirt-with-bow-detail-1 (1)
We Love: Denim Skirt with Bow Detail by MASSIMO DUTTI
We Love: Mid-length Origami Skirt by EQ:IQ
We Love: Evase Skirt by BIMBA Y LOLA

Statement Jacket

We Love: Meggie Jacket by ELIE TAHARI


We Love: Abstract Coat by ELLIATT

The next time you bail out and go back to that one comfort-style you not a-100% happy with for that consistent IG feed or easy shopping, think of how you’re missing out on exploring edgier styles or fun athleisure outfits. We never want to get bogged down by style commitment.


Embrace fun sartorial experiments when your wardrobe can be unlimited. Yes, you read right. Your wardrobe space doesn’t have to be huge to match your fashion appetite.

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