Learn 15 Tricks To Create The Illusion of Looking Taller

Being short can suck. In fact, it can be a fashion hurdle at times. We definitely appreciate every body shape and size. But sometimes a girl just wants to look a few inches taller! Instead of waiting for science to come up with some new way, why not add a few extra inches to your height with simple and clever fashion tips and tricks to make you look taller?
From high-waisted styles to top knots, we’ve outlined how you can create that dream illusion using styles from the Infinite Wardrobe.

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Easy Fashion Styles

1. Vertical Stripes

We Love: Meredith by HUTCH

Vertical stripes are a surefire way to look taller, instantly. The long lines make you look, well, longer. It’s easy to incorporate vertical lines with your blazers and skirts that feature this lengthening pattern.

2. Wide-legged Pants

We Love: Dawn Pleated Palazzo Pants by DUCHESS & CO

Create the illusion of a longer leg with fitted jeans or pants with a distinct flare at the hem. The waitband should hit your natural waist and not any lower. Pair it with waist-length tops or tucked-in styles. Choose vertical striped or pleated styles to enhance the illusion of appearing taller!

3. Maxi Skirts

We Love: Spiral Maxi Skirt by KEM ISSARA

A well-cut maxi skirt can actually give you the appearance of looking taller, even if you’re petite! The key trick is to avoid thick pleats or layered maxi skirts that can visually weigh you down. Choose solid styles with a fitted top (tucked-in tees or cropped jackets) that skim the length of your body and elongate your look!

4. Mini Skirts


When it comes to dresses and skirts, you should either go super-long with maxi lengths or super-short. With micro styles, it’s the oldest illusion trick in the book: with more skin shown, it makes you taller, just like that. Avoid anything in between–calf-length and knee lengths. At the same time, avoid ankle straps that can create the wrong illusion.

5. Monochrome Styles

We Love: Dina Wide Leg Woven Jumpsuit by GREYLIN

Use colours to your benefit when you create the illusion of height with a simple vertical eye trick. Wearing the head-to-toe black is simple and chic, though you can definitely explore more monochromatic dressing when you keep the silhouette sharp and tailored. Wearing the same shade head to toe, like a solid jumpsuit can do wonders to elongate your frame without reaching for heels!

6. High-Waisted Bottoms

We Love: Big Dreams Print short by CAMEO

Elongate your torso–especially your lower body when you elevate your waist with high-waisted styles. This adds to the illusion of a few extra inches to your legs regardless if it’s a high-waisted skirt, shorts or skinny jeans!

7. Proportion Wear

We Love: Sleeveless Wrap Top with Tie by ENGLISH FACTORY

Pay attention to where your clothes start, end, and fit. If you’re already petite, be sure to go for hemlines that hit the ankle area and not above. If you often wear blazers and jackets, make sure the seams sit perfectly on the bony tops of your shoulders and the sleeves end exactly at your wrist. These might break the illusion of longer legs and svelte silhouette.

8. V-Necklines

We Love: Hold Us Top by FINDERS KEEPERS
Don’t forget about your neck. The often forgotten area can create the illusion of a longer, leaner torso when done right. Choose V-necklines to further enhance your elongated look.

Simple Hair Tricks

9. Easy Top Knot

Piling your hair on top of your head really does help to give a taller impression as it extends the vertical line illusion! Go for voluminous hair if you want to change it up from a top-knot for your workweek.

10. Shorter Hair Lengths

Long hair can drag you down, physically and visually. Why not try long bobs or pixie cuts to show off your shoulders and neckline, which makes you look taller? You’ll look ultra chic in an instant too.

Add Accessories

11. Micro Bags

We Love: Small Flap Crossbody Leather Pink by MICHAEL KORS

If it’s all about proportion, then ditch that oversized bag for smaller cross-body bags, petite clutches or small top-handle totes to reduce the width and extend the vertical line to your advantage!

12. Skinny Belts

Stick to skinny belts to define your natural waist and flatter your body length! Steer clear of corset or obi belts that visually cut your body length, if you want an elongated illusion.

13. Skin-tone Shoes

Shoes that match your skin tone will instantly add inches to your legs. Bonus points if you can work heels into your rotation with ease and confidence!

14. Low-Cut Vamp Shoes

Shoes that have a low-cut vamp instantly elongate your legs and make them look slimmer. The low vamp covers just enough of the front of your foot to give the illusion of mile-long legs! We’ll go for shoes that match our skin tone just to create that dream illusion without the pain of walking in heels all day!

15. Pointed Flats

Lengthen your leg line with pointed flats. Let them peek from your flared jeans or maxi skirts. Have fun with pointed shoe styles when you add a pop of colour or complete that monochromatic look!

Elongate the appearance of your torso, arms, and legs when you rent the right items by trying our figure-lengthening tips above. Try new pieces from the Infinite Wardrobe to create that illusion, without the commitment!


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