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Figuring out your body shape is as simple as taking a few simple measurements. What many struggle with when determining their body shape and trying to dress for it, is understanding what details to go for to fit and flatter, and which styles to avoid. The fear of making mistakes often deter us from trying out new styles. If you often find yourself limited to minimal styles because you’re afraid to put on something that doesn’t flatter and you want to stay in the “safe zone”, you’re in the right place to solve dressing-for-your-body-shape woes. 

One of the most common body shape is the Pear body shape. A pear shape, to put it simply, is heavier on the bottom. For precision, measure yourself at your shoulder, bust, waist and hips as shown in the figure below. 

Your hip measurements should be more than 5% larger than your shoulder or bust measurements. 

For example, if your bust measure 91 cm/36 inches, your hips are 95.885cm/37.75 inches or larger.

Having somewhat a pear-shaped body myself, my worries always lie in drawing too much attention to my lower body. But the general rule of thumb is to show-off your top and accentuate your waist definitions to balance out the heavier bottom.

Must-Try Tops

Ladies with pear-shaped bodies tend to have a slimmer waist and a smaller top. What would help to bring attention to and distract from the bottom would be tops that highlight your shoulders and help define the waistline. 

  • Off Shoulders / Strapless To Show Neckline: Go for these tops to you reveal your flattering neckline as well as show off your shoulders. Drawing attention to them keeps focus off your lower body. 
  • Fitted Tops To Define Waist: These are great for accentuating the small waist you have. Don’t worry if you feel you’ve avoided fitted tops to hide other parts of your body. Such tops usually help show off your shoulders and bust more. Steer clear of peplum tops that do not work well for pear-shaped bodies.
  • Tops With Collars: Collared blouses with short sleeves look great on you as well. It’ll help balance out the heavier bottoms by creating a slight volume  at the top.

Must-Try Bottoms

With naturally-heavier bottoms, dark to neutral colours are great and avoid any fitting too tight. Instead, choose pants or skirts that hide and compliment your lower body. Two of the best silhouettes include A-line and boot-cut.

  • A-line / Wide Leg: The A-line flare helps to hide the heavier bottom by balancing out the proportions of your body. In addition, it tends to give definition to your waist as compared to the rest of your body. 
  • Bell-bottoms / Boot-cut: If you’re on the petite side, bell-bottoms and boot-cuts elongate your look by giving the illusion of added length below the belt. Not only will you balance out the heavier bottom, but you’ll also look longer as well.

Must-Try One-Pieces

Like tops, dresses and overalls should define your waistline and show off your shoulders. Keep the sleeves short or have none at all. 

  • Fit-and-Flare Dresses: These dresses show off your waist and the flare from the waist down gives a little more room for your curvier bottom half.
  • Short sleeve Dresses: Go for fitted styles on the upper body. When it comes to sleeves, opt for cap sleeves or shorter sleeves to add volume to the top without overpowering the overall silhouette. Short sleeves and fitted bodices are one of the best combination for pear body shapes.
  • Fit-and-Flare Jumpsuits and Playsuits: Like dresses, if you love wearing these one-pieces, the fit and flare rule will work well for you too. Go for rompers if you’re more petite than tall and avoid weighing your entire look down.

Must-Try Jackets:

Jackets can act as additional clothing accessory to your look–by choosing the right ones you can enhance your body shape further. 

  • A-line and Princess cut: Like tops, these help to show off the tinier waist while covering up other parts. Always go for the ones where the hem of the jacket hits mid-thigh to give room for your curvier lower body.
  • Boxy Coats: The voluminous proportions look great on pear shapes as it camouflages the areas you’re concerned about. We would recommend you rent cropped styles that emphasise the waistline.

Must-Try Bags

You’d want to avoid any crossbody bag that falls around the hips. Bags with shorter straps will look good on you as they hang a little higher on your body which creates a more proportionate look. Any bag that hangs too low will add on to the heavier bottom. Go for small bags like the Saint Laurent Matelasse Lou Waist Bag or Chanel New Medium Quilted Boy.

Must-Try Shoes

Since pear-shaped bodies have a heavier bottom half distribution, it’s always good to go for shoes that add the illusion of length and balance out that curvier part of your body. Pointed shoes also give the illusion for slender legs and help detract attention from your thighs and hips. 

When it comes to deciding your outfit, you should always play to your strengths and pick out the perfect one for you. Don’t limit yourself because you’re afraid clothes don’t fit as well. 

Rent fuss-freely at Style Theory with our fit algorithm and size recommendation tools, ensuring your Infinite Wardrobe is always fitting! 

Use the fit algorithm within the app to achieve the best fit for your outfit choice. Here’s how it works:


  1. Measure yourself 
  2. In the app: go to Profile > Style Profile and input your measurements 
  3. Go to Profile > Settings to toggle on “Size Recommendations”

Not a pear body shape? Check out our guide to:

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It is important to note that you may fall between two body shapes and there is no rule that states you belong in only one category of body shape. 

Don’t know your body shape? Take a quick read here and measure yourself. 

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