Know Your Body Shape: Double Cherry

Figuring out your body shape is as simple as taking a few simple measurements. What many struggle with when determining their body shape and trying to dress for it, is understanding what details to go for to fit and flatter, and which styles to avoid. The fear of making mistakes often deter us from trying out new styles. If you often find yourself limited to minimal styles because you’re afraid to put on something that doesn’t flatter and you want to stay in the “safe zone”, you’re in the right place to solve dressing-for-your-body-shape woes. 

Said to the most flattering body shape of all, the hourglass figure, also known as double cherry is perfect for structured and a silhouette that’s more tailored. It is important to understand that the double cherry is just like any other body shape, it’s not better than others neither is it less. Generally for double cherry, you define your body as curvy, with a defined waist while your bust and hips measurements are roughly even. 

To be sure, measure yourself at shoulder, bust, waist and hips using our guide.

Your shoulder and hip measurements are within 5% of each other. Your waist is at least 25% smaller than your shoulder, hip and bust measurements. For example, if your shoulders and hips measure 91 cm/36 inches, your waist should measure 68.58 cm/27 inches or smaller. 

When it comes to dressing up, you’ll usually have little to no qualms. However, if you find struggles in finding the perfect outfit, take a read and try the styles!

Must-Try Tops

With curvy bust and a defined waist, wearing almost any kind of top will flatter your upper body. Most neckline will be fit for you because industry creates clothes originally fitted for a double cherry or hourglass shape. Try these:

  • Peplum: Perfect way to show off that waistline and highlight the hourglass figure you have. These are great for ladies with petite to regular hourglass figure. 
  • Wrap: Though they usually cover your arms, these tops are still great for an hourglass upper body as they’re tight around where they need to be – waist and bust!
  • V-Neck: This classic neckline brings attention to your defined shoulders and bust. They’re especially good for ladies with heavier hourglass figures.

Must-Try Bottoms

When it comes to pants, jeans or skirts, you’re spoiled for choice too! Most styles will be fitting and flattering, so you can choose to narrow down to those that show off your curves. 

  • Skinny Jeans and Tapered Pants: Both are catered to be fitting and hugs your hips. They’re perfect for a casual day or office wear respectively. If you’re a heavier double cherry, you can avoid wild prints.
  • Low Rise Hip Huggers: If you’re confident of your flat tummy, low rise pants or jeans are pretty flattering in showing off your curves as well. 
  • Pencil Skirts: These hip huggers will show of your curves and thin waist. If you’re on the petite side, go for skirts that are below knee length to elongate your look.

Must-Try One Pieces

Whether its a dress, a jumpsuit or playsuit, the best style that would flatter is:

  • Fitted One Pieces: A double cherry body shape should appreciate fitting dresses and overalls. You can simply focus on waist-flattering outfits, and no need to fluff up lower body as the curves will naturally show under the fitted one-pieces.
  • Fitted Jumpsuits and Playsuits: the fit should hug nicely around bust, waist and hips area. It’s okay if the suits end up being slightly flare at the bottom. 

Must-Try Jackets

The best outerwear for a double cherry figure would be any that flatters the waist. 

  • Fitted Blazers: They rest nicely on your shoulders and flatter your small waist. Those that hems land around your thighs will hug your hips well. 
  • Cropped: Bombers and denims with cropped silhouettes will do justice to your tiny waist and curvy shape. 

Must-Try Bags

Double cherry body shapes are blessed to work with bags in all shapes and sizes. Go for classy and chic bags on working days and explore fun sizes or bolder looks during your weekend adventures.

Rent from the Infinite Bag Wardrobe: Celine Mini Luggage Souris, Saint Laurent Classic Small Sac De Jour, Chloe Nile Bracelet Bag or Loewe Elephant Bag

Must-Try Shoes

Want a shoe that compliments the curves on your body? Go for rounded shoes, those that are sturdy will be a great option to contrast your curviness. Thin heels would bring out the feminine side for you. So it really depends on what the occasion is as almost all types of shoes will work well for you. 

When it comes to deciding your outfit, you should always play to your strengths and pick out the perfect one for you. Don’t limit yourself because you’re afraid clothes don’t fit as well.

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Use the fit algorithm within the app to achieve the best fit for your outfit choice. Here’s how it works:


  1. Measure yourself
  2. In the app: go to Profile > Style Profile and input your measurements
  3. Go to Profile > Settings to toggle on “Size Recommendations”

Not a double cherry body shape? Check out our guide to:

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It is important to note that you may fall between two body shapes and there is no rule that states you belong in only one category of body shape.

Don’t know your body shape? Take a quick read here and measure yourself.

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