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Know Your Body Shape: Apple

Figuring out your body shape is as simple as taking a few simple measurements. What many struggle with when determining their body shape and trying to dress for it, is understanding what details to go for to fit and flatter, and which styles to avoid. The fear of making mistakes often deter us from trying out new styles. If you often find yourself limited to minimal styles because you’re afraid to put on something that doesn’t flatter and you want to stay in the “safe zone”, you’re in the right place to solve dressing-for-your-body-shape woes. 

Most apple-shaped ladies always find it difficult to flaunt their looks. But as with all body shapes, there is always a way to play up and flatter your favourite features. 

If you’re unsure you can always measure yourself at your shoulders, bust, waist and hips as shown in this figure guide. 

how to measure apple body shape

Your shoulder or bust measurement is more than 5% bigger than your hip measurement. For example, if your shoulders are 91cm/36 inches, your hips would be 89cm/34.25 inches or smaller.

Now, when dressing for the apple shape, it is best to know your height as well. A tall apple may have longer legs than a petite or regular apple. So knowing, will ensure you pick the right styles and length to bring out the best of your looks.

If you are…

  • 165cm and above, you are considered a tall apple.
  • 155cm and below, you are considered a petite apple.

If you fall anywhere in between, you are considered to have a regular apple-body shape. 

You might also be wondering why it is so similar to a strawberry (inverted triangle) but let’s clarify: The two shapes are known for their broad shoulders compared to hips but a true apple shape carries a little more around the midsection while strawberries do not. So when dressing for shape, you’ll always look best when the outfit flatters your bust and slim legs.

Must-Try Tops

Go for tops that are downplay your heavier top but not completely that your bust is hidden away. It’s always good to find a balance. 

  • A-line: These silhouettes are great for bringing attention away from your heavier top but at the same time flaunt your bust.

    Great for: all apples
  • Flowy Tunics: Not only are they comfortable to be in, they look absolutely great on an apple shape.

    Great for: all apples
  • V-neck: V-neck tops are pretty much your best friend when it comes to neckline. It shows off your bust, and at the same time, creates an elongated illusion of your torso, resulting in a longer and leaner look. These are especially good if you are a tall apple shape as it helps to balance out your longer limbs.

    Great for: all apples

Petite and regular apple-shaped can choose tops with hemlines ending at your mid-riff. By doing so, you create an illusion of a higher waistline and longer legs. 

Must-Try Bottoms

With your body shape, you can have legs for days, so go for bottoms that show them off. 

  • Skinny Jeans/Pants: Anything hugging those legs will be flattering especially when paired with a fairly loose top. Petite apple can opt for high-waisted skinny jeans to elongate your legs.Great for: all apples
  • Mini Skirts: If you love your legs, show them off with a mini skirt. They’re great for warm weather and look adorable for any occasion.Great for: petite and regular apples
  • Knee-length Skirt: Knee-length skirts are flattering for tall apple-shaped body shapes as they flatter your slim legs.Great for: tall apples
  • Shorts: Perfect for the warm sun and great for drawing attention to your slim legs! Petite apples can opt for high-waisted shorts.Great for: all apples

These are the best for showing off your slim legs, but there’s no reason to strike flare pants off the list. Just make sure the hem ends just at the top of your heel or all the way to the ground. 

Must-Try One Pieces

One piece outfits are the easiest choice for all you apple shape ladies. Dresses, jumpsuits and playsuits are all fitting as long as you pick the right cut. 

  • A-line: They’re great at giving definition to your mid-section. Whether it’s a dress, playsuit or jumpsuits, this style flatters your body shape.Great for: all apples
  • Wrap: Wrap dresses and playsuits are perfect for giving definition to your waistline and at the same time lets you show off your legs. Opt for wrap dresses with higher waistlines to elongate your bottom half – especially flattering for petite girls.Great for: all apples
  • Maxi: When it comes to maxi, you want to make sure the look isn’t fully covered because you still want to show off your good features like legs and arms. Sleeveless or short-sleeved maxi dresses and jumpsuits would be the best option. Maxi dresses have hemlines that end at your ankles, which are great for you if you’re petite as it elongates your entire body length.Great for: petite and regular apple

Must-Try Jackets

For jackets, where the hem ends will make a crucial difference to how you look. Apple shape would rock any outerwear as long as its hem hits at least the hip. 

  • A-line: These covers your heavy top while also giving slight definition to your waistline.Great for: all apples
  • Knee length: Super flattering without the waist belt. It downplays your heavy top and accentuates your lower body and legs.Great for: tall apples

Above-knee length coats and jackets are best for petite and regular apples! 

Must-Try Bags

Forget micro and nano bags as they are too puny and will disappear against your figure! Go for bags that are wider and more structured as they’ll have more depth. They’re more apparent and wouldn’t be a washout beside you. 

Rent from the Infinite Bag Wardrobe: Burberry Sartorial House Check Bowling Bag, Saint Laurent Baby Sac De Jour, Celine Mini Luggage or Dior Book Tote With Handle Wraps

Must-Try Shoes

Chunky shoes are perfect for balancing out your heavier top and detracting attention from your midsection. Wedges and platform shoes are great at doing those! Strappy sandals would come in handy for the hot summer weather as well.

Great for: all apples

When it comes to deciding your outfit, you should always play to your strengths and pick out the perfect one for you. Don’t limit yourself because you’re afraid they won’t fit.

Rent fuss-free with Style Theory as our fit algorithm ensures your infinite wardrobe is always fitting!

Use the fit algorithm within the app to achieve the best fit for your outfit choice. Here’s how it works:


  1. Measure yourself
  2. In the app: go to Profile > Style Profile and input your measurements
  3. Go to Profile > Settings to toggle on “Size Recommendations”

Not an apple body shape? Check out our guide to:

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If you don’t happen to fall within the banana shape category, take our body shape quiz to find out. It is important to note that you may fall between two body shapes and there is no rule that states you belong in only one category of body shape. 

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