4 Reasons Why Women Supporting Women is the Way Forward

We believe in putting our fellow women front and centre. Here’s how, and why you should too. 

We’ve all heard the myth that women don’t support each other, or are taught to be competitive with one another. Sometimes, society tricks us into thinking that we cannot, or have no interest in getting along or revelling in another woman’s success. 

“How has another woman impacted you through her words?”

2 weeks ago, we asked this question to some of our #WomenOfStyleTheory and have heard their honest, no-filter answers that sparked our inspiration in crafting our campaign. 

Newsflash: Women do want to support women! 

In conjunction with this International Women’s Day, we want to break the bias and remind our community that as women ourselves, we can still glow and be great in the light of another woman’s success and triumphs. Now more than ever, it feels like we’re joining hands and celebrating not only our differences but also the similarities.

Know That Her Light Makes You Shine Bright Too

One of the first ways to help women? Manage your own biases — listen to your own inner voice and hit the brakes when you hear prejudice. When we find ourselves questioning our personal glory, it creates more room for envy. By silencing the noise of negative self-talk and self-doubt, we learn to bask in her glory and understand that seeing her shine makes us shine too. And once we discover a way to celebrate our light, life, and purpose, we’ll be able to rejoice those of our neighbours genuinely.

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Tap Into the Power of the Pack 

When one person mentors, two lives are changed. Beyond being role models, mentors are our greatest champions — amplifying people’s potential to succeed and opening doors to new opportunities. Invest your personal time and effort in helping individual women by inviting them in and opening doors to cool new projects where they can extend their contributions and build their skills.

That being said, there’s nothing more gratifying than watching women thrive in an environment where they feel able to be themselves and use their voice. In collaboration with Wildtype Media Group, 14 pairs of mentors and mentees were treated to a photoshoot and a session to share their inspiring stories about overcoming challenges, pursuing opportunities, and becoming the best version of themselves through mentorship. Watch the full interview:


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Be Yourself

Finally, help women by being truly yourself. Projecting perfection can create feelings of inadequacy in those around you. Instead, help people to feel validated in their own experience by being authentic about your stressors and solutions. It’s OK to admit your mistakes or demonstrate vulnerability. After all, humans tend to bond through hard times or shared difficulties, so authenticity is a terrific way to reinforce connections and community.

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As the saying goes, “You playing small doesn’t serve the world.” 

Women can help women by playing big and showing up with strength, enthusiasm, and genuine self-expression. The most important way people learn is through watching, listening to and experiencing others. For this reason, you have more influence than you realise, so be yourself and express your talents while supporting others. These will contribute significantly to your own success and that of women around you! 


Want to tap into the power of the tribe? Join the #WomenOfStyleTheory as we work together on building a greater community for like-minded women to share ideas and wardrobe. 


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