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Inspiring Women: Q&A Interview with Cheryl Wee

Being a mom is never easy, especially when you have to juggle your other roles and build your business at the same time. We sat down with Cheryl Wee, the multi-hyphenated boss of Cheryl W./actress/model/mom on what’s it like to embrace your personal style and own your transformation journey.

Style Theory: Cheryl, you founded Cheryl W. and are busy juggling your new mom life and your acting/modelling career. What inspired you to set up your own business?

Cheryl Wee: Inspired by the entrepreneurial endeavours of my mom, I wanted to share my personal experience battling with weight management problems and promote positive wellness and lifestyle with modern independent women.

Growing up in a strong entrepreneurial family background, did starting your business come naturally to you?

It was more difficult than you can imagine! Growing up, my parents–especially my mom–were role models for me and set the definition of entrepreneurship. I grew up fixed on the idea that true entrepreneurship is starting from scratch, like my mom. I didn’t see myself as an entrepreneur until very much later because I didn’t know how to define myself if I started a business.

Through the years, I realised that entrepreneurship is beyond starting a business venture from nothing. It was a mindset, a spirit, and very much of an energy. It was when I began to define entrepreneurial spirit on my own terms that I was encouraged and motivated to start Cheryl W.


Cheryl Wee wearing Enlighten Mini Dress Prints by CAMEO from Style Theory’s Infinite Wardrobe

So, what is entrepreneurship to you?

The definition of entrepreneurship is very dynamic for every individual. For me, it is a spirit of perseverance and the spirit of ownership. Taking charge of your personal story and principles to forge your own brand belief and values is how I translate entrepreneurship spirit into my own business. It’s very much like motherhood to me. As long as you give your best, that counts the most.

You mentioned having weight management issues during your career. How did you overcome it?

When I was building my acting career in Taiwan, I was in a very bad place, physically and mentally. I resorted to diets and many weight loss regimes to find that confidence and self-acceptance. I became obsessed with my weight and even at 42 kg–I couldn’t call it quits. My body paid the price, of course. I’m thankful to have a supportive family to help me through this and it was that personal experience that I was motivated to start Cheryl W. for other women who feel the same.

 Dusty Pink Lace Jacket CHARM

Cheryl Wee wearing Dusty Pink Lace Jacket by CHARM from Style Theory’s Infinite Wardrobe

How do you feel differently now than you did before?

Before I was pregnant and dealing with weight issues, it was a struggle. I hated what I saw in the mirror, and that was a difficult place to be for anyone of any age or career. When we found out I was pregnant, I had to snap myself out of it and eat and live healthily. No more crash diets or binging. No more starvation or yoyo-dieting. It was then that I had the emotional and mental freedom to deal with work and everything else that life threw at me. It was liberating to not be held back. I could enjoy my family and work life to the fullest extent!

How else did the new freedom inspire you?

When you feel optimistic and positive about your opportunities and potential, you no longer get bogged down by the littlest things. I rediscovered the fun (and freedom) with fashion. Unlike my sister and parents, I’m more conservative when it comes to personal style. I found myself exploring new styles within my personal comfort and from time to time, I would try on something different, just because.

From the Infinite Wardrobe:

You’re a #WomenOfStyleTheory! How has your fashion rental options and personal style change over the years?

Fit and form is always a priority for me. It doesn’t matter if you’re in between sizes or going through weight change, wearing clothes that fit you well makes the whole difference. Aside from fit, I find myself renting more functional pieces from Style Theory after childbirth!

I’ve been a subscriber since 2016, and my renting options have changed to include functional pieces that make nursing on-the-go easier. That could mean button-down pieces, wrap dresses, v-neck or scoop necklines.

What is Fashion Freedom to you?

Fashion Freedom is the ability to be a chameleon when you want to be and not be confined by who people think you are, who you think you are, and to be expressive, daring and experimental. If it doesn’t work, at least you know that it doesn’t work.

That’s what I like about Style Theory’s Infinite Wardrobe. It evolves with you! What you wear should be an extension of who you are – even and especially if that changes on a regular basis.


Join Cheryl and the #WomenofStyleTheory on the Fashion Rental Revolution! Rent from the Infinite Wardrobe and explore new styles for every phase in your life.

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