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3 In-App Wishlisting Hacks You Need For Your Festive Outfits

What’s on your Christmas wishlist? 3 of our #peopleofstyletheory sure know what’s on theirs this year! Read below on their Christmas plans this year, what they’re wishlisting for their Style Theory boxes in December, plus, their secret hacks to using our in-app wishlist feature!

Joy, Project Manager

What I’m doing this Christmas: I’m having a few Secret Santa parties with close friends. Till then, I’m wishlisting potential outfits whenever I have some spare time. It helps me filter out styles I know I’ll love, and are available to rent!

My Christmas wishlist: To spend more time with the people I love! And of course… more money, and a lifetime supply of Oatly.

My secret in-app wishlist hack: I wishlist whenever I have some spare time! It’s the same thrill I get from adding things to shopping carts! Doing so also saves me time — when I’m scheduling my next box, I can just pick from what’s “available to rent” from my wishlists.

Gabriella, Social Media Officer

What I’m doing this Christmas: I’m chilling at home with my family for Christmas, so it’s casual and comfy fits for me!
My Christmas wishlist: For Covid-19 vaccines to be delivered all over the world so the pandemic can be over soon! Then, families and friends all over the world can gather together once more <3
My secret in-app wishlist hack: I treat my wishlist like a ‘bookmark’ for any items that I like while scrolling the app (especially if it’s in a bold colour, or has ruffles or fringe elements!) Whenever I’m stuck over what to wear, I always pick what’s available to rent from my wishlist. This really helps to save time because I don’t have to search for an outfit from scratch!

Peiszan, Content Strategist

What I’m doing this Christmas: Reuniting with my friends and family back in Malaysia after the longest time. This calls for non-stop feasting on the food I missed back home! *Frantically searches for food baby-friendly dresses, yikes.*
My Christmas wishlist: World peace, and bacon. A blind date with Ji-Pyeong (Start-Up fans say aye!) Implementation of Phase 3 so nobody gets left behind anymore during gatherings, since Christmas is all about that. 🙁
My secret in-app wishlist hack: I scroll through the app thoroughly to make sure I don’t miss out any potential rents, and the wishlisting function helps me do just that! I save what I love in a folder for me to revisit at the end of day, then I go through a stringent (and cruel) elimination process to pick what goes into my box. May the best dress win!
Now comes the cool part — the more you add to your wishlist, the more accurate the in-app style recommendations under Your Daily Curation is! The app recommends styles that you’ll be more likely to rent based on your wishlisting activities, and that cuts down on the scrolling time. It lets me plan my outfits more efficiently!
Inspired by their Christmas picks, or their in-app wishlist hacks? Try them out now on the Style Theory App and curate your own personalised wishlists on the go!
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